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I stay with my fiance a lot, every weekend and every holiday I can for the past year. Well its not weird anymore to see Hector, our residential apparition who just would walk up the hallway and disappear at his moms door.

Well after he stopped coming around we started feeling and seeing this thing regularly. We’d be sitting on our couch and out of the corner of our eyes every once in awhile we’d see a white head but it wouldn’t have facial features, just sunken places where its eyes are pop out from the corner leading to our room and the bathroom and if we looked they’d disappeared.

It creeped us out for awhile but we never thought anything of it until his brother and my sister were hanging out one night while watching YouTube videos and mentioned something about seeing it, so we all started looking and by this time it wasn’t even trying to hide anymore, it’d stay for a few minutes, letting us get a nice good look at its body and face then eerily slide around the corner without a sound.

Things just started getting weird after that, the front rooms light bulb that we had just changed blew and it kept getting really cold even though we had blankets, and the heat all the way up.

Eventually my fiance got tired of it and around 2:30, he told it to go away and usually it listens fairly well but for some reason it must have angered whatever it is because out of nowhere I turn to see if it’s still peeping and of course it was, out of nowhere it rushes forwards, causing me to scream and clutch onto my fiance terrified,

when I looked back though, nothing was there. I’ve seen it a few times since then, I always make sure now though that I turn on the hallway light when coming out of my room and the kitchen when going in there.

I’ll be laying there in the early morning and hear something crash to the ground and I used to think that it was my cats until I’d go in there and realize the cats sleep with his mom, or we’ll hear something in the attic scampering around, too big to be a rodent, morning like human footsteps. I don’t think its a creature, I hope not at least but I’d like to know what it is.

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