That one pedophile who tried to kidnap me

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So I’m 12 and have had Instagram since I was 11.  This is something that happened to me that I will never forget.  This is why I will NEVER talk to someone unless I know them on social media.

It all started with a simple “Hey”.  I was on instagram one day when I got a message from someone with an account name along the lines of “Ihatealexis”(Alexis is my name).  I was on Skype with my friend who we will can Ally.  I didn’t respond at first because I didn’t know them.  But then they messaged me a bunch more times saying things like “I know who you are”,”I know what you have done”, and “I’m someone close to you”.  I thought that my grandma had made an Instagram because I  told her that if she wanted to talk more, Instagram was the best way to.  Since I was always on Instagram.  So I responded with “Grandma?”.  “No” they answered.  “Mom?” I asked.  “Nope” they responded.  I was getting kind of sick of guessing at this point so I said “Ok who the fuck are you?”.  They told me to watch it or else.  I said “Or else what?  You’ll murder me?😂”.  Then they said “yes.” My heart dropped.  “Ok what the fuck do you want asshole?”I said getting weirded out.  “You”.  They responded.  So I told Ally and she told me to play along with it. Then I asked “Alyssa?”.  She was my ex-best friend who I hated.  “Yep.” They responded.

I waited a couple of hours because I hated that bitch.  So I didn’t respond.  I then got a bunch of messages saying things like ” I want to lick your insides”,”I want to fuck you so hard”,”meet me at the park by your house”.  At this point I knew it wasn’t Alyssa.  So then I said “Fuck you, who are you really?”.  “Meet me at the park to find out.  And I suggest you bring that brother of yours with you”.  My heart sank to the floor.  I hadn’t posted anything on Instagram about him and not many of my friends knew about him.  He was only 8 years old and we were home alone.

An hour later I messaged and said “I’m going to call the police on your ass if you dont stop.”  Then they responded with a picture of a police dog saying that I would just be calling the police on myself because their police dog would kill me.  I knew the image they sent was take though. So I searched it up And it definitely was fake.  But for some dumb reason I went to that damn park.  I needed to know who they were.  When I went I didnt cross the street just so I could try and look to see if I could see them.  I didn’t.  Then I ran back home.  “You didn’t even cross the street you pussy” they said.  “Fine.  I’l go again.” I replied.  So again I went to the park, but I crossed the street this time.  No one was there again so I ran back home.  Then they said “You didn’t even come”.  “Yes I did.  I even took a video”  I responded. “Send it to me”They said. “I can’t it’s too long” I said.  “Exactly, You didn’t come.   Come one more time” They replied.  “No I’m not a dumbass.  A 12 year old girl was just raped and killed in this Same city and you expect me to believe you?”.  I sent. Then they sent me some pictures of a mattess under something that looked like a bridge with food wrappers on it.  Next they sent me a picture of police “caution” tape.  Then they sent me a picture of a news station with something about the Paris bombing on it. “Oops I did that” they said.  “You better watch your back” They said.  “No you better watch yours” I responded.  “I’m 37 years older than you. I don’t think I need to watch my back.”they replied.  Then I blocked and reported them and their Instagram page was deleted. I was scared for months after this thinking I was gonna be murdered.  I was especially scared because my parents didn’t know.

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