Old pedophile

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when I was 14 I had a Facebook. I was in the emo scene phase and I met this guy on line his Facebook name was ” bedo rock”,

his actual name is Bryan and his Facebook said he was 17 , talked to me for a while he asked me out after a month I said sure ( I know stupid of me) and everything was okay till he asked for me to send nudes I said no, he sent nudes and I asked him to stop every time he was say you don’t love me and I would say I do and he would always pressure me so I sent some from off line ( awkward telling my parents)

about 3 weeks later I got a text from his ” model girlfriend ” who told me he was a catfish that he does not live in New York and lives in an other country and that he is 24I Skyped him

And I pieced it altogether you could tell I don’t know why I didn’t realize sooner so I called him out and he said he had others so I said cool blocked him about a month later he found me on instagram said to unblock him

I said no blocked him on there about 2 years later and a new boyfriend he texted my boyfriend saying tha I did heroine and that I was a druggie and that I was a whore I explained to my boyfriend who and what he was doing and to find out he hacked my phone and gave the exact location of ware I was at ( my boyfriends house)

to end the story here I got called a whore on my boyfriends Instagram and I went outside smashed my phone and poured water on it ( that is it so far I got my new phone 2 weeks ago )

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