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I live on the outskirts of a small city in southern Alabama and have lived here my entire life. Most of my family, at least my Creek/Seminole ancestors since pre-Civil War era, have also lived in the area…that’s southeast Alabama and southwest Georgia. The land I live on was actually part of the trail that which Hernando DeSoto and his men took from Mobile, Alabama to the east coast of Georgia which might be a cause of some of the activity.

I will try to keep this short because I still have paranormal experiences from time to time but I’ll include the stories that include my Creek/Seminole ancestry… at least that’s what I think anyway.

When I was around 4 years old my dad and stepmom were dating. At this particular part of the story she spent the night and we shared the couch. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a man. I covered my face with the blanket and waited a bit but the “man” never left. He continued to look at me. I noticed and told my dad that he looked like my half-Sioux cousin (who I didn’t know of or meet until middle school… kids are known for being more intuitive to this stuff) but I noticed that he had the same nose as me and my great-grandmother and I pointed at mine then at his. He smiled and slightly faded away. By this time, my now stepmother was awake after I started talking to him. She was understandably freaked out.

My parents then had a priest come bless the house… which did nothing… at least for me. The activity continued and sometimes got darker.

The activity was so common around me that I became used to it. I’m still fairly used to it over 20 years later.

The area where my Native American direct family is from the area near Kolomoki Mounds State Park near Blakely, Georgia.

My last experience with any spirits of my Creek/Seminole ancestors happened about a year ago while camping at that park about 50 yards away from a burial mound.

I’ve been told it was a lucid dream but I’ve never had one before. Anyway, in the “dream(?)” I was in my tent but I could feel that my eyes were closed but I could still see through the tent where a fire was in this dream. I saw people dancing around a huge fire… my tent was the only one there… the man made lake wasn’t there and neither were any other campers or even my dog.

With my eyes closed I watched the fire and the people dancing then I “fell” back into my body and woke up. If you’ve ever watched the Insidious movie series, this experience was like “the further.”

After that night of camping the paranormal activity at my new house (which is on the same property) has increased but it doesn’t feel negative. Some of it does but mostly I just see shadows or light anomalies.

I don’t think these are what pushed me off of the rafters in the attic and onto the sheet rock through which I fell and fractured a few vertebrae. I’m currently waiting for surgery but the activity is mild. This usually makes most people uncomfortable and does make people I know think I’m just crazy but the land I live on is very active with good and bad entities. I still get a bad feeling around the hole in the ceiling from which I fell. I plan to set up cameras and audio recorders around the house just to prove to myself that this isn’t just me playing tricks on myself or being superstitious.

There’s enough experiences I’ve had on this property that these few paragraphs can’t hold all of them and could possibly fill up an entire book. I might write about my experiences with more detail in time.

– Chris B.

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