Old family tale of the Raven Mocker

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Before I start I am Native American half Cherokee and part Creek also known as Muscogee, Shawnee and Kickapoo. My mom is a full blood Cherokee and my dad told me he was a mix of Muscogee, Shawnee, and Kickapoo. Cherokee language is syllables not words. But the basic is a,e,I,o,u,v are our words only sound them out like a sounds as ah in knock, e as in eh, i sounds like ee in feed, o is just oh, u sounds like oo in food, and v is nasalized sounding like unh or the first part of uh huh. It’s hard you may have trouble pronouncing do the best you can. Names have been changed for saftey reasons.

My gandpa Thomas whom I miss deeply and also helped raise me, use to tell me stories while he sat and smoked his tobacco in his corncob pipe. One afternoon we sat and he told me of my great grandpa Sunhawk who practice medicine and was well respected amongst the people who came to him for help. This is his encounter with a kalanu ahkyeliski (Kah-lah-new)(aw-k-ye-lee-skee) or in English a Raven Mocker.

It was in the late 1800’s midfall and Sunhawk was summoned to treat a man who was near death and kept begging his family to save him from the man outside of his window. He told them he needed to be protected he didn’t want his heart gone. His family knew of the old legends and knew what was going on and sent the eldest son on horseback to get Sunhawk. Sunhawk and the boy I’ll call Junaluska was an hour away from the boys home Sunhawk told Junaluska to not be afraid and to pray for protection from the Creator as the strode through the cool of the evening. Junaluska not knowing of the creature that Sunhawk’s eyes had fell upon in an instant seeing this fire like bird flying through the trees to the side of them. Sunhawk kept his eyes on this creature till it flew into the path in front of them the flames covering the trees it went passed and a screech sounding Raven like as it disappeared towards the boys home. The young boy asked Sunhawk why he looked up. He explained to the boy that his dad had a Raven Mocker trying to get his life. The boy couldn’t see what he had seen and he knew this being was of pure evil and so they rode faster hoping to make time enough to get to Junaluska’s dad. They were a few miles away from the home when another screech and fast, heavy winds swooped in and Sunhawk started beating on his drum singing a song of protection against this Raven Mocker and praising the Creator for his love of man and woman. The creature disappeared after following them a long way till the house came into view and another horrid screech sounded around the house that caught Sunhawk’s attention to there being 2 of these demons trying to get more life to live on through the years. Sunhawk prayed and sang while smoking cedar before he entered the home and then asking the family if he could bless the house to relieve of evil being inside. The man lay on the bed crying and had been getting cut in the head and the family seen them appear and when Sunhawk was done blessing the home he came to the man’s room the other creature looked at Sunhawk and screeched so loud that everyone had to close their ears and it flew it’s firey shape through the window and vanished. The old man lay sweating with a fever and he had asked Sunhawk to help heal him and to get rid of those demons that want his heart and Sunhawk explained upon seeing these evil spirits they would only have a week to live because he cursed them upon seeing them. The man lived a few more years till a posse of outlaws brave enough to ride through Indian Territory and killed him and his family then burned their home down. My grandpa Thomas always told me when you speak about them with another person it’s like telling one you want it to come for you. The night Sunhawk died he told everyone to leave the room so he could have a moment alone to pray for his passing to go smoothly. As my grandpa closed the door big winds busted the window open Sunhawk screamed. The door was barricaded by the shelf that fell over and my grandpa caught a glimpse from the crack that showed the wall opposite of Sunhawk’s bed and he seen and old man holding something close to his mouth and realized blood was dripping down. He screamed and the screech and the winds came back and the door finally was opened and the lifeless body of Sunhawk lay on the bed. When the death certificate came after the autopsy it read cause of death no heart. There was no scars or open fresh cuts to before they cut him open to examine him and the heart to be gone is a mystery. I still believe till this day that they exist along with the other beings we encounter. There are things that will get you. The things that go bump in the night feed off you so watch out for that beaten old man or old woman that is strolling past you on the street at night time he or she might be waiting to torture your soul after taking out your heart and eating it with no marks on your body. Thank you for keeping on about ravenmocker stories I almost didn’t tell you but that’s my pride

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