Ohio River Creature

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I live in the tristate area of Kentucky, so naturally there’s farmland all around and the Ohio river is no more than a minute from my house.

I grew up on my farm so naturally I know the sounds,footprints,etc and what animals in the area look like. What I experienced in several occasions this February was no animal that I have ever experienced and is something out of nightmares.

The first time I experienced this thing it was a clear night, full moon so you can see everything in the night, not that it mattered anyway since theres lights everywhere for the farm.

I went outside to walk my dog and this night she decided to be stubborn and take a little longer to get her business done. While I was walking around I began to hear this sound, the best way to explain it would be this organic warbling sort of noise. It was soft and far back so I didn’t pay attention to it.

Then a few minutes later I hear the sound agian, but this time it sounds closer, almost as if it’s in the horse lot that’s behind my house,

I knew I wasn’t the only one to hear it because right after whatever it was called out my dog lifted her head and looked around, and then it happens agian and this time I know it’s close, and soon after that I hear it agian, but it dosent seem to have move only becoming more frequent.

I decide not to wait and find out what it ccould possibly be and drag my dog inside.

Cut to two weeks later. It’s been pouring rain all day, but I have a car porch so I’m still able to take my dogs out under it, first for gets her business done and goes back in, I put the least on my second dog, a little puppy, and I hope she goes outside.

I walk outside with her and look around, you can’t see shit past 5 feet from how bad it’s pouring.

And that’s where the problem lies, I decided to look around, my head gets to the backyard and I look at the heavy rain, at how peaceful yet hazardous it was, and then in the span of a few seconds I see this ashy white creature ,that was at least 6ft most likely 7ft talk, dart from my back yard too behind the tree in my yard.

The only physcal detail I got was it as hunched over. It’s limbs were about as thin and resembled free branches and it was hairless.

We’ll bring a sensible person I did the right thing and hauled ass too my door, draging the poor dog with me. When I went inside I tried to dismiss what I saw, there’s no possibility it was real.

And then not 10 minutes later I heard something walking in my carport.

The crunch of gravel. I continue to hear it for the next hour off and on, I dared not peek through the little window in my door, for I was too scared as to what id find stating back at me. The next day I went outside and in the back yard I noticed impressions into the dirt, like footsteps.

They were in a straight line headed right into the tree in my back yard. Sadly there was no details to them due to the rain smoothing them out but they were large and deep enough for a foot to go in them.

I have yet to experience this thing since then but I can’t help wondering what it was and if it’s still there whenever I go outside

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Well crap. This is terrifying! I am so glad you keep your pups on their leashes, it’s unwise to let them run around with this creature out there. There’s no point in finding out what would happen if they came face to face. I wonder how it found you, why it keeps visiting you and how often it comes to watch. Please be safe. Don’t leave your dogs outside unattended, roaming free, for any reason until you feel it’s 100% safe and then wait a little longer. Doors locked at all times, windows locked and blinds/curtains closed as well – don’t want it entering or looking in. For once a smart person who goes back to safety instead of checking it out!!