Why I now hate Tigger the tiger

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This story happened back when I was sixteen and was visiting Disney world in Orlando for the fourth time with my parents in the past few years. I have always loved Disney but due to this incident we haven’t been back since and our still considering if we ever should.

We were visiting Epcot when we saw two of my favorite characters since I was around the age of two, Tigger and Pooh, I remember having a bouncy Tigger toy and that’s where the love for him started.

My parents walked over to ask if we could have my picture taken with them (I was and still am painfully shy), and then I was placed between the two characters for the picture. It was at this time that the Tigger character started to bounce his hip against mine except it wasn’t as if it was a friendly joke, he was slightly behind me and was just fast enough to not have anything bad thought of it, except for me because I felt that he was trying to slide his pelvis across my butt and the hand on my waist was pulling me closer to him, I wasn’t a dumb kid and knew this was not right.

Once the picture was over I had to pull myself out of his grasp to hide behind my father, the Tigger motioned to the worker with us and did the gesture for signing

the woman turned to me and asked if I would like Tigger to sign my autograph book (I didn’t bring it thankfully), but I told her no and that I didn’t have it.

The Tigger character motioned for me to follow him towards one of the gift shops that was close but I wasn’t agreeing to that, he acted sad and made the motion for a goodbye hug. If my mother had not pushed me towards him I wouldn’t have done it but I really had no choice when I felt those furry arms wrap around me and go way lower than they should. I didn’t tell my parents until we had gotten a good distance away but my mother waved it off saying I was just being paranoid, though my dad saw I was being serious and left me and mom by the maelstrom while he walked back over where the Tigger was.

He stayed over there for only a few minutes before he came back and hugged me lightly, he told me not to worry since he gave Tigger a firm warning about where he puts those hands of his and told the woman as well, he said the woman frowned and told the Tigger to talk a walk with her.

I wonder if he was actually a pedophile or just didn’t realize what he was doing, here’s to hoping my overactive sixteen year old mind didn’t get a innocent man fired from the happinest place on earth. But I still hate him for making me suffer every time I see anything Tigger related.

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