Not a normal spider

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This happened when I was around the age of seven. I wasn’t alone when I saw it, I’ll just call them Cat, Riley, and my sister Lily. It was years ago so my memory Maybe a little hazy but, I still remember alot from that day.

Riley was our next door neighbor and Cat lived up the street. Remember, we live in Montana in a country side and have seen many spiders like the barn spider and the hairy brown spider.

The four of us were playing that very day but then we went into the house that me and my sister lived in at the time. I don’t remember exactly why but, we went inside for a little bit.

My mom was speaking to someone and we were heading for the door. We opened the door and then one of us closed the door, only seconds after we then realized because, the spider wasn’t in our view but, then we all stood there in fear. It wasn’t a normal size for a spider, it’s body must have been almost the size of a baby while it’s legs were much longer.

It quickly went away out of sight then my mom only half a minute or some seconds later she said she saw the big spider crawl from the back door. I think, even up to this day that it was literally on the door but, I’m just glad none of us got bitten by that son of a bitch.


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