Not a bear

Although this will be a short story, I feel it needs to be shared.

To jump right in, I didn’t believe in the paranormal or werewolves or Bigfoot, in fact anything off the sort. My family and I go to Little River State Park every summer, located in vermont.

This is the first year I’ve seen anything. It was 5:00am and I was down by the beach. sitting on the sand,  I soon was terrified to see a large figure crawling out of the water. My instinct to run over took me and I bolted up the hill hopping I could outrun it, to my absolute horror, it was almost on top of me.

It was about two foot taller than me standing at around nine feet on all fours, it was an unnatural crimson red, like an apple, and absolutely no furr.

I was paralized with fear and I could feel it’s warm, deep breaths on my face. Then, like a cliche horror movie, a park ranger came and…

Whatever that thing was, was darting back down the hill. For the rest of vacation nothing happened. But on the last day, I looked down the ” clif” at our campsite and was terrified to see the same creature standing on it’s hind legs, staring at me.

A warning to all you campers around the world, never leave at night, especially alone.


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