Noises In The Woods

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I am a 12 year old boy living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Me and my friends live quite close to each other so one mild night we decided to go in the woods. By now it was quite dark so it was quite scary but we were determined to go in since there was 5 of us, me, my brother, our 2 neighbours and our friend Jack.

We were venturing quite a bit into the woods which is in a local park so nobody was around this time. I got a cold feeling that someone was watching me in there. My friends didn’t seem to have the same feeling so I brushed it off as my anxiety.

We were just passed half way in the woods and we were annoyed we couldn’t find anything, we turned back then we heard 2 knocks on the tree.

We all looked at each other.

We all legged it out of the woods I’m surprised I didn’t trip but my friend did. We didn’t realise until we were out are friends were in there.

We were so scared.

A minute later we were going to go back in for him but we saw him racing out of the woods.

We saw a black figure behind him who stopped running as soon as he got out the creep hissed then our friend told us about his story as we were walking on the street outside the park.

He told us he laid low because he heard branches crunching as soon as they were a few feet away he legged it out the woods, he explained the creep was holding something shiny he assumed right away it was a knife so he ran. Well that’s my true story which i hope you guys enjoyed.

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