Noises in the corn field

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When I was in the 7th grade I began to try out new things. I wasn’t the type to do it by myself though, a friend usually drags me into things. So one day before school started, one of my friends decided it would be a good idea for me to try out for the Cross Country team. I’m not a very fit person, but running a few miles isn’t all that hard for me so I agreed to join. Practice was always after school and was usually really fun and I got to meet a bunch of new people, some of which are still my friends today. But usually after practice my mom would let me have an hour of break time then I would have to run another mile. Before I begin to tell you about my run I need to explain the layout of my usual route. We live in a rural area with a lot of farming ground but close neighbors. I have to say that our closet neighbor is only a half a mile away. Behind our house is one of our corn fields, this also stretches only a half a mile long and a half a mile in width. I would run up the gravel road beside the our corn field up to our neighbors house then I would turn around. I would to this everyday after practice and even during the weekends but I never heard anything odd. When i did hear something it was during a cloudy day and I went home from practice. During my hour break it began to rain and I thought I was in the clear from my run, but mom wouldn’t have it and made me run anyways. It was during august so the corn was tall and almost ready to harvest so something about 6 ft tall or less could easily hide in the corn. About half ways into my run I began to hear something following me, it wasn’t too loud so I just thought my dog was following me. I didn’t think to turn and look in the corn since it wasn’t a big deal that she was following me, but I did call out to her. Since she was following me I decided to say  “Go home.” But a few minutes later I heard a voice softly say “Go Home.” back to me. I have a sister that likes to bother me and she sometimes mimicks me to make me mad. So I stopped and yelled “get out of the corn field or dads gonna be mad you walked over some.” I heard nothing for a minute so I jut thought she was playing a prank on me. Until I heard the voice again only slightly closer “Go Home.” I was a little confused and decided to turn back and run home, as I did I could hear something sort of limping behind me. It didn’t have a pattern like most animals do, it was random and all over the place. I was right at the end of the corn field when I decided to looke behind me. All I saw was a long black arm come out of the corn field and flew back in. It had pretty long claws and actual fingers! They were long a boney almost like an elderly persons hand when they’re 100 years old. I ran back into the house and never spoke a word about I to anybody after that, not even my sister. That year I delt with mild insomnia and only a few bad dreams. The only problem is I can never remember my dreams so I am unable to tell you any of them. A few months later during our Christmas break my dad called all of us to a window that shows the whole backyard, you could see the barren snow land that was once the corn field, but something was running across it very fast. It was black and slender, it was only there for a few seconds before it ran out of view. I stood there in shock and dad said that it was just a big black bear, but I knew it was the creature I saw that day and I wish to never run into it again. Now that I’m in the 10th grade, a new year has started and my sister and I have both joined the sport. This means I have to run down that road everyday after practice, I only hope it doesn’t show us more of itself.


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