Nights in a Car Lot

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I have been a night shift security guard at a car dealership on the edge of the Twin Cities for about two years now. There have been many “interesting ” occurrences that can I cannot explain.

I’ve decided to start telling people about these happenings in the last couple months due to the frequency of these events and to also reassure myself that I’m not going crazy.

We can start this story with a brief description of myself. I am six feet tall and weigh about 240 pounds. My main source of income is fixing cars at a different car dealership during the day and only decided to get a second job, so I can destroy any reminence of a social life that may be left after the 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Job.

The original night guard was my father who had procured this job for extra income so he could assist my brother who is attending school down in Texas and can’t work due to his receiving a full ride baseball scholarship and having a rigorous training schedule.

My father was burning himself out working more hours than the day is long. He asked me if it would be possible to take every other day to give him a hand. “Of course,” I responded due to the fact that having some extra cash would be nice.

Nothing happened for the first fall and winter months until spring rolled around in mid April if I recall. I don’t remember the entire call, but I do remember the first words he said in one of the calmest voices I’ve ever heard from his mouth, “I found a guy who blew his head off behind the dealership.”

I understand that the way my father broke the news to me may shock some people, but my father is a former sheriffs deputy and police officer who had been in law enforcement for almost 20 years. This kind of talk and at the time, what I thought was his dark sense of humor being normal.

“Why are you ******* with me at one in the morning,” I promptly responded.

In an annoyed tone he stated,” just get down here.”

I hopped in my truck and made the 45 minute drive in 30, once I realized the seriousness of the 20 second phone call I just hung up from. I arrived behind the dealership as the paramedics were removing the deceased body that once sat in the driver seat of the vehicle now covered in blood. All I could do was gaze at the lifeless body of someone who was alive just a few hours earlier. One of the officers pointed me in the direction of my dad. I would go in to more detail about what I saw, but I don’t want this to become a gore story.

Life moved on and we resume our shift schedule as nothing had even happened. Putting the images in the back of my mind and pushing them down until I eventually forgot all about that night.

It was about a month later when I was checking the doors around the building at the start of my shift because the day-staff usually forget to lock them. I made my way around the building and was not surprised to find the back door unlocked. I decided to take a look around the building having actually never seen the inside before. I made my way around the shop looked at the setup and seeing how it differed from mine. I finally made my way up to the show floor where I proceed to sit at the receptionist desk listening to music videos for a couple hours. I looked at my phone and realized that “a couple hours,” was actually five. I decided way too much time had been spent inside. After putting everything back to the way I found it, I proceed to make my way towards the back door that was still not locked. I was about 3 feet from the door when the most paralyzing feeling ran down my spine, every hair on my body stood up, and I immediately stopped in my tracks. The moment I came to a standstill, I heard a voice behind my right ear as if someone had whispered it to me.

“WAIT! …Don’t go…..” in a very clear, soft, and what sounded to be a young girls voice.

Immediately turning around in shock and very much expecting to see a child behind me. Nothing. I didn’t see anything. I started yelling for someone. Anyone to come out in hopes that I could solidify my sanity, but no one responded. I gave it 5 seconds before I started clearing every room in the dealership with my flashlight and sidearm. As I near the final rooms of the building, the growing anticipation of finding this person had my adrenaline pumping harder than it has ever been. Upon entering the last door and the realization of it only being me in the building. This sent my body in to flight mode and towards the door in a fear fueled sprint. I locked the door behind, got in my truck and sat across the highway for the remainder of the night.

I started bringing my dog with me after the previous incident. “Oakley” is an 80 pound German Shepherd/ Lab mix who is incredibly protective, built like a brick outhouse, and has a very deep bark. Other than that everything was normal for the next three weeks.

This was the end of week number three and all had been quiet other than having to kick out 2 kids off the property while smoking a joint out back. This evening however would turn out to be very different.

It was about two in the morning when I was throwing the ball for Oak. All of a sudden, every light on the property went out and a loud feminine scream emitted from what sounded that I can only describe as coming from every direction at once. The blood curdling screaming was filled with pain and agony that lasted for maybe 30 seconds. I noticed that my dog was trembling between my legs and was also looking every direction in an attempt to find the source. The lights turned back on and the agonizing screaming had stopped just as the lights turned back on. I stood there for a minute trying to work out in my head what just happened. Once Oakley stopped shaking, we sat in the truck until my shift was over.

A week later. I finally decided to tell my dad what was going on and that I was considering quitting. He proceeds to tell me that around the time I encountered the first phenomenon, he had seen someone run through the building and dissolve in to thin air as he spotted it. My dad also said that he heard the scream that I had just described the week before. I didn’t know what to say, but decided I wasn’t completely crazy and could stick it out a while longer.

It was about 9 mints without any incident other than scaring off kids wanting to tag a new vehicle or do donuts in the parking lot. It was the month leading up to when my dad first found the man who committed suicide last year and I received another 1 a.m. phone call.

“I found another one” my father said in the same chilling voice from the original call.

Immediately. Like it was yesterday, flashbacks from the year prior came rushing in to my head that have been repressed for some time. As I again make my way down to the sight at a slightly slower speed than the original. An overwhelming sense of dread came over me upon arrival. Lucky the police were already gone ant the only thing remaining was another car with the driver side covered in blood awaiting the tow truck. I looked at the car from a distance thinking about last year and noticed how the car was parked in the same spot.

I still work the night shift and have no plans of quitting. I still can hear the scream from time to time and see silhouettes moving in the corner of my eye, but nothing has ever physically happened to me and I can’t explain most of it. I hope people will enjoy this story and draw your own conclusions as to what may be here.

I know it doesn’t mean anything from someone on the internet, but these are all true happenings that either my father or myself have witnessed first hand.

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I believe you. I couldn’t begin to tell you what the hell is going on but I can tell you that if whatever it is doesn’t find another victim for the anniversary, you and your Dad better remain incredibly strong.