Nightmare of a Babysitter

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This took place 3 years ago when I was 13 years old, I also have a little sister who, at the time, was only 5.

My parents were going out with some friends for the evening, so they called a babysitter to watch me and my sister ’till they got home. My parents had left before the sitter had arrived, so we had no idea when she was coming.

At the time we lived in a pretty big house where all ou neighbors were a good mile and a half away from us. When she arrived, she seemed like a normal girl, mid 20’s and looking very nice.

She was very overdressed for the occasion, she had a nice dress and makeup on, which, in a sense, was unsettling. She introduced herself as Sandra.

The evening started out normal, she and my sister played board games and watched a movie since we didn’t have school the next day. I mostly stayed in my bedroom, on my laptop since I thought I was too old for a sitter. Around 6:30, Sandra called me down for dinner. When I came downstairs I saw my little sister head down on the table.

“Did she already fall asleep?” I asked.

“Yeah, she only took a couple bites and she went out cold…” Sandra replied with an unsettlingly high and peppy voice. After I ate, I started up the stair back to my bedroom, but I stopped suddenly when felt breathing down my neck. I turned to see nothing behind me. I shook it of as the AC acting up and went up to my room.

About 2 hours passed before it started to get weird.

I was casually surfing youtube for the latest updates on all my favorite channels when I heard my door creek open.

I turned to see Sandra at my door, but then I noticed she had removed her makeup and changed into something else. She was wearing a whit t-shirt and tight, pink underwear. This gave me chills because she didn’t bing any change of clothes with her. She walked over to me and looked over my shoulder at what I was doing on the computer. Then she started massaging my shoulders.

I asked her to stop and she did, but I could tell she was annoyed. She then walked over to my closet and stepped inside. I was wondering what the hell she was doing and went to check it out. When I stepped into the closet, the doors closed behind me and I got knocked out cold…

I awoke a couple minutes later, she was standing over wearing nothing but a bra and underwear. To most, this would be dream, but not when that girl is Sandra. She started touching me all the while I was screaming for my little sister to call 911.

I then realized that she did not call and I worked up the nerve to kick Sandra off of me. I ran downstairs and grabbed the house phone, but it wasn’t till I dialed 911 and put the phone to my ear that the line was cut. Just then the power cut out.

I looked outside the see the street lights still on. I thought to myself “damnit, the fuse box is outside my room, she must have shut off the power to the house!”. I then decided to grab my bike and ride to our closed neighbors house, and as I previously mentioned, that was about a mile and a half down the dark road.

About half way there, I saw headlights coming up behind me, so I naturally rode to the side so they could pass me. But they didn’t they got close to the point where I ditched my bike and ran into the small woods that surrounded the road and the really the entire area. As I jumped from my bike, I heard the crunching of the car crushing my bike. At this point, It was safe to say that Sandra was the driver. I ran into the woods and I remembered me and neighbor’s kids built a treehouse Half way between our houses.

It did not take long to find, even in the dark, and I climbed the latter and opened the trap door and got inside. Below, I heard Sandra crunching around in the fallen leaves. She was calling my name. At this point I realized that we had a walkie talkie in the treehouse for emergencies.

I hastily searched the small space for it. When I found it, I called the older boy at the neighbor’s and told him the situation. He called 911 for me, and when Sandra heard the sirens, she booked it to her car, and her tires screeched down the road until I could no longer hear them.

I climbed down and walk home. My sister was sill in the kitchen where I had last seen her. I thought nothing of it and I went to bed.

It wasn’t till the next day I learned my sister was knocked out by something Sandra put in her pizza she made for us. To this day I wonder what would have happened if she found me and got her way with me. We actually moved a couple months later due to the police turning up empty in their search for her.

Thank god we never had a sitter again…

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