Never Trust The Internet

I was only 14 at the time and didn’t understand the danger of Internet relationships. For awhile I had been talking to this guy who we will call Jacob.

We met on Facebook and he seemed like a cool guy, we hit it off and after awhile he asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I agreed and everything was fine, he was a year older and we shared similar interests.

After I let a friend of mine message him as well, he became furious. He didn’t know why I let such an idiot even talk to him. I was so upset.

Awhile after she loved to upset him, but it all started with him saying how he’d kill her and how bad he wanted to do it. I was scared not knowing what to do but of course I carried on.

A few months pass by and it’s only worsened, that friend tried to kiss me and with that he threatened to kill both of us. I let go of that friend after that.

Friends after friends left me over his constant behavior of saying he will kill them, my family and I because I’m such a problem and that its my fault he’s so mad.

It’s been years since those events but remember, never let anyone control you or trust anyone



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