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I am just a teenage girl dating a guy it all sounds normal but if you experienced what I have experienced it is not normal at all, I started seeing this boy, let’s call him Mike, I just hope this doesn’t reach him and he doesn’t come after me, I started seeing Mike on Valentine’s day and it was perfect at first it was coincidence and we met at my local Buffet,

we talked and talked until it was late and time to go home, we had already exchanged contacts on messaging and started messaging each other once  we got home, the conversation started like normal a simple ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’ and things like that, and also sending love messages but he replied with ‘I will never ;eave and I know you will never leave me’

I didn’t know at that point so I sided ‘yeah of course with a laughing emoji’ but he replied with ‘when I say never I mean NEVER leave you’ this kind of creeped me out but he sent a apology and everything wet back to normal, this kind of event happened another 2 times or so, when I saw him again he wanted to take me somewhere, that’s why I knew for sure he was crazy he grabbed my hand roughly

so I jerked back and ran he ran after me, he caught my by the arm and held me back I kick him in the shin and I called the police when they arrived he ran and they couldn’t locate him wherever he is now I hope he doesn’t find me  and try to do whatever he was trying to do me that day.

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