NEVER Ignore Speed Limit Signs | Creepypasta Ghost Story

A Haunted Highway Creepypasta.

Wanna take a ride? Tonight, ethret from Reddit Nosleep, tells us a story of a Haunted Highway and a Night Time Road Trip. This ghost story creepypasta shows us the worst that might happen when driving alone at night. In this Creepypasta Story, there will be ghosts, spirits, a hit and run and plenty of traffic signs. Are you prepared for the road ahead? Enjoy this Reddit Nosleep Creepypasta by ethret that will have you rethinking driving after it gets dark.

Never Ignore Speed Limit Signs | Creepypasta Ghost Story by ethret of the reddit nosleep community. Read this story here –

Doesn’t matter what it says, don’t ever ignore the speed limit signs from nosleep

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Ghost Story Creepypasta from Reddit Nosleep and Written by ethret. Footage by Emily Middleton.

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