NEVER be too curious

I was at a sleepover at my nan’s house and god I hated her and she hated me she would death stare me from the other side of the room. She never said hi or how are you just death stare I was going to be staying there for 2 weeks too make it worse. it started when she went to get milk and see some elder friends at bingo

so I had her house to myself and I never went in her room so I went in. There was only a bed nothing else but what creeped me out there was a Ouija board in the very middle of her room there wasn’t any doors or windows just that square room a bed on the side and the Ouija board. I was terrified but I was too curious My nan is huge on paranormal she tells my mum to get rid of my black cat saying it leads to death and is always saying how thankful she is for praying as she has seen and been attacked by demons but when she prayed they disappeared. So I sat down in the middle of her room and put my hand on the board and said “are you here?”

the Ouija board moved to yes I ran straight out of the room and slammed the door behind me WITHOUT ENDING THE GAME and ran straight to my bed and hid under the covers for what it seemed like hours but the whole time I felt something just at my bed until 2 hours pass and the feeling goes I creepy out of bed to my relief to hear my nan’s car pull up in her driveway

I ran out explaining everything that happened my nan slapped me and gave me a hug saying your in danger she ran into her room and put her hand on he board speaking too it like a friend saying to calm down but the board flew into the world I closed my eyes and felt like just crying. watching her and the board flying around was just frighting until the board just stopped.. my nan picked it up and started the fireplace and threw it in my nan started crying saying its your grandfather and she walked out of the room crying


so I was a little too curious and led myself into trouble


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