Near Break In

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By Nityius

Back when I lived in upstate New York, I had a good friend who I’m gonna name Jacob for privacy purposes. We used to spend the night at each others houses almost every weekend when we didn’t have school and sometimes even during the weekdays.

This occurred during the summertime when we had the entirety of every day to hang out. I did also have a few other friends close by but not very many cause I dislike socializing, and the fact that almost every other student in my high school was creepy in their own way. on a specific day, Jacob asked me if I wanted to spend the night, and I said yes. I was already at his place at the time so I didn’t need to walk anywhere.

Jacob lived with his family and owned two dogs and a cat at the time, one of the two dogs was rather large and scary, but in actuality was gentle and slept with me and Jacob almost every night. Going back to the story, we played for about 3 hours and then went out for a walk in the night.

We did have a really creepy guy who lived nearby who would stop by my place all the time, and Iv’e heard some bad stories from my brother and other friends. But he never really scared me that much. another thing about this guy was that he never owned a car or motorized vehicle, instead he would ride a bike everywhere he went.

So me and Jacob went to the local gas station to get some drinks and chips for a movie.

By this time the other stores were already closed and wal-mart was too far to walk to, so we didnt really have any other options. We quickly got back without anything happening and we got to watching our movie. Partway through, one of his friends gave Jacob a call and requested his help with something, I cant remember what. so Jacob left to go help his friend, telling me that I could use his computer to watch move movies or play some games.

by this time, it was nearing 2 in the morning and I decided to watch some anime. about an hour in, Jacobs dog started freaking out and barking at the door.

From where i was, i was sitting on a couch which was right next to a window that was right next to his front door. I looked over the couch and out the window only to see a guy on a motorcycle sitting there staring back. I wasn’t very scared at first because I thought it was one of the Neighbors. But this guy didn’t move from where he was at all, and the fear slowly caught up to me until I went into his kitchen to grab a knife. I went back to the front door to see the guy still standing there.

To be honest, I’m rather passive. I wouldn’t act aggressively to anyone unless they posed a serious threat to me or any of my friends. One such scene was back in class when a female student Started flipping out and throwing books everywhere.

The teacher even requested help from the students to subdue her, and ill leave the rest for you to imagine. Back to the story, so this guy stood there for a good 10 minutes, or so it felt like that. I finally opened the door, and stood halfway outside so I could run back in without a problem.

We continued to stare at each other for another 3 minutes before he started up his engine and sped off down the road. I remained on edge for the rest of the time until Jacob finally returned and I told him everything. He said that it might have been the Neighbors, and at the time I agreed with him so he wouldn’t get scared himself, Even though the only time he was ever scared was when we were running from the cops for no reason at all, but that’s an entirely different story.

He went to his room and crashed there, I on the other hand had to stay out in the same room and sleep on the same couch. I laid there for an hour, still scared until I finally fell asleep.

The next day was normal, we got up, ate breakfast and got back to Grand Theft Auto. we never got bored of it for whatever reason. His computer at the time wasn’t being used, so i seized the opportunity to check my facebook since i haven’t done that in a few days.

My friend, who had “woken up for no good reason” said on his post that there was a creepy guy outside who “had just stared at his house for a long time.” no further experiences have happened that night and i now live in another state, with my contact with Jacob growing smaller and smaller every month. Now I barely talk to him and i’m curious as to what hes planning to do, since he was planning on going to a public school rather than being home-schooled.

I felt like it was a bad idea, since not only was there the school bully, who ive luckily avoided for my time at that school, but his academic skills were very poor. I never told anyone else of my experience that night up until now.

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