Mysterious Children In The Mountain

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I was in high school when my dad planned a trip to visit our grandparents in Catanduanes, which is one of the provinces here in the Philippines. When he asked us to come with him, we got pretty excited since it will be our first time. We could have taken a plane, but we don’t want to miss the chance of witnessing different breathtaking views. So we took a bus for 11 hours, a boat ride for 4 hours and another bus ride for five hours from the port to our grandparent’s house. Whew! It was a day’s worth of travel. It was exhausting, but it was worth it.

They were so surprised and delighted when we arrived. My dad knows how fascinated I am with tales of the supernatural and mentioned that my grandparents have a lot of stories to tell. I keep bugging them even while we’re having dinner until finally they started talking. Haha

How I eagerly listen as they tell me this story…

My grandpa came from a family of fishermen and farmers. He remembered one night when he was just a small kid, his dad awakened him around two in the morning to prepare the things needed for fishing. Still confused and half-asleep, he slowly got up to help his dad. He carried the fishing rods on their way to the beach. They got on a small boat and paddled their way into the open water.

They’ve decided to anchor near the foot of a mountain and cast the bait into the water. They have been on the boat for almost two hours, but they haven’t caught any. Not a single fish was taking the bait. My grandfather being a kid, was getting cranky and insists on going back when all of a sudden, near the top of the mountain, torches appeared one by one accompanied by children’s laughter as if they’re playing. My grandpa was startled. He was asking himself who might those kids be? What are they doing in the mountains in the middle of the night? His dad uttered that they might be one of the neighbors’ kids.

The next thing they heard is a rumbling noise, and the water started to ripple. The sound they heard seems like a big boulder is rolling down the mountain, but they can’t figure out where it’s coming from. My grandpa got scared and demanded them to leave or else they might get crushed. His dad told him to stay still and be quiet. When all of a sudden, something started pulling the line. It was a fish. They put it in a basket and not long after casting a bait, again, there was another catch. It happened over and over and even some of the fish would just jump into the boat, all they have to do is grab it. When the basket was full, the rumbling sound disappeared, the water became calm and the children carrying the torches vanished one by one as if they’re going inside a cave. They went home puzzled, but with smiles on their faces.

The next day, his dad asked the neighbors to find out if any of their kids was on that mountain that night. They told him that no one’s been there, and nobody goes there especially at night. Nevertheless, whoever or whatever they are, he appreciates the help.

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