Mysterious Australian Creature

This story is set on the outskirt’s of the New South Wales of Yamba. I do require some help in identifying the possible creature, as i have tried numerous times to figure out the identity of the possible creature.Without further ado here is the tale.

I was an 8 year old on a family road trip from Brisbane to Newcastle. I was sitting on the left side of a car (which is fairly key to the story). My Ipod had recently run out of battery, so I looked out the window into overgrown farmland with dry and long grass which the nearby cattle were grazing. I suddenly  noticed they were alert and attacking a large black creature which appeared on all fours.

The creature was at least 1.8 meters or 6 foot, with long black fur on it’s body. Clearly attacking the cattle it suddenly stood up on two leg’s and moved towards the cattle. Then it was out of sight, as all this had happened fairly quickly, because of the fact that i was in a moving vehicle.

As we entered Yamba to stay the night, I noticed a statue we went passed in our car. It was of an Ape like creature standing it hind legs, not painted though as it was made of bronze. My friend and me had recently gotten in cryptid’s, which may sound as though I’m making it up but I remember tricking him into looking at an bush as I told him Mothman was there. I still have a book I bought which has kept my cryptid fascination alive.

I will continue seeking information on this topic but for now this is the end.

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