MySpace scary story

So I was 13 when this had happened and being relatively new to using social media I didn’t know what to and not to do.

So a random person who claimed to be Vanessa Hudsons(High school musical) Sister so we started talking and gave “her” my phone number.We had planned a call and my mother had answered the phone and said there was a man on the phone for me, I got really puzzled for a minute so I took the phone and the person said hello Stephen see you soon and hung up the phone.

Not even a week later a car started sitting at the house next to where we lived… it was abandoned so I knew there was something wrong.

After the third day I called the police and told them what had happened so they came and parked behind his car he got caught and come to find out he was wanted for rape in Baltimore city….

He definitely ruined MySpace for me I stopped using it after that and didn’t get Facebook til i was 21.

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