My uncle was a police officer

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my Uncle is a ex-marine and ex-police officer. When my uncle was still a police officer for Dublin, Ohio and the creepiest stories of hiswas this.

One night my uncle Tim and his partner who’s name I’ll keep private so his name for the story will be dave, anyways my uncle and Dave had the 3rd shift and as they were driving around the slums of Dublin they got a call about a domestic disturbance about 1/2 a mile up the road.

When they get to the house all the lights are off, my uncle and Dave are a little hesitant at first but it being there job they go in anyways.

Now with my uncles ex marine body type and current police officer he was a big guy about 6’1 and 225lb so he was pretty big and bulky. When they get into the house it reeks of rotten meat, and marijuana and there’s bottles and trash all over the floors so my uncle and Dave automatically assume it’s a crack house, Dave here’s a creak come from up stairs and says “I’m gonna check it out, call for backup this might get nasty” my uncle nods .

Dave proceeds up stairs and my uncle stays downstairs and flips on the light switch for the kitchen and when the light came on there was a dead body with a herion needle sticking out the arm, my uncle calls for back up and he then returns to the staircase and here’s the bloodcurdling scream of Dave and then a gunshot right after, my uncle runs upstairs and to find a dead body on the floor a bloody Dave and a woman in the back corner screaming bloody murder.

Backup arrives and takes the two dead body’s out and when the surviving lady was interviewed it turned out to be the landlord and why she was there still sends shivers down my uncles spine she said, that they drugged beat and raped her, they kept posting pictures of her on some deep web site and people paid to come over and rape her that’s how they got money for drugs.

And the reason my uncle was called there was because the neighbors down the street heard screaming and yelling and loud bangs so they called the police. And that dead lady on the table my uncle found was well the girlfriend of the druggie who was shot by Dave.

My uncle was still a police officer for 3 more years after that he still says he should’ve quit after that night but something about saving that girl kept him at that job.

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