My Trip To colorado

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I’m A 24 year old truck driver from san Antonio tx. I’ve been driving for about 3 years now and aside from traffic jams and the D.O.T driving behind me, there’s not much that worries me. I was sitting at home watching TV when I got a text from dispatch saying I was heading to Grand junction Colorado this weekend to deliver Monday morning. “no problem” I thought , it was a short drive and I had plenty of time to get there. I took off late Saturday night, almost midnight actually, but whatever I had more than enough time to make the delivery.

Everything Was going smooth, since I was driving during the night I avoided all that traffic in Austin and Dallas. I was making good time and was generally relaxed until I got a call from the receiver, who informed me that there was a rock slide on i70 and that id have to find a different route because the interstate was closed. well shit now I gotta find a different route in a state I’ve never been to before, whatever . I kept  driving on I 70 until I got just west of Denver at which point my gps directed me south to a alternate route. well this is where shit started to suck. 2 lane roads, on curvy hills , up and down, pulling a fully loaded 53 foot trailer. it was hell but it wasn’t until I got near Buena vista Colorado that things got creepy.

it was probably 10 or 11 pm sunday night and I was driving on some empty road in the middle of nowhere in the winter time.. I kept getting this feeling that I was being watched but I brushed it off as being paranoid because I was listening to these creepy pastas. so there I am driving in the middle of nowhere when i hear the passenger seat release air, I turn to look and there’s no one. of course not I’m just paranoid. well Around 1 am Monday morning I pulled into a truck stop in Buena vista Colorado and went inside to take a leak and get a mountain dew Kickstart to wake me up.

as I’m talking with the cashier I mention the i70 road closure, and about how I felt like I was being watched on the route I had to take when she says “oh yeah your not the only one a lot of truckers have said the exact same thing, that patch of road is actually a hot spot for ghosts and stuff” I replied “well I guess I’ll Just stick around ’til daylight” paid and then went back to my truck and took a 2 hour nap ’til 6 am.

I got to the Delivery location around 12 pm and once unloaded I drove across the street to the Love’s truck stop, fell asleep and woke up to a rhythmic honking, I was just about to curse the asshole out when I realize the honking was coming from my truck. Turned the truck of it was still honking. it didn’t stop until the mechanic took out whatever part it needed.

I told another trucker about my experience, he smiled and kindly said “say a prayer before you take off and take a different route on your way home, most truckers aren’t as lucky to get pass that area” this sent chills up my spine. it wasn’t until I started doing my googles that i realized just how haunted Colorado is.. this may not have been the scariest or creepiest story ever, but dammit i’ll never go back to Colorado, i don’t care if my boss fires me.. i’ll never go back.



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