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So this happened a few years ago, maybe like 2 or so- making me about 16 years old. to help you get a context of me, i’m a short girl with bright green eyes and long dark brown hair. I’m not usually very self absorbed, but from a general point of view, i would say that i am attractive.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, allow me to explain my journey with my stalker from tinder.

I had been on summer break for awhile at this point, and being 16 and wanting to do and feel rebellious things, i snuck out one night. I quietly walked through the small patch of trees lined across the back of my house, which brought me into the neighboring streets where my friends house was located. We sat in her backyard and drank some beer, because we were cool kids like that. With our minds being semi-intoxocated, we somehow stumbled across the topic of tinder. which for those of you who may not know what that is, tinder is a dating website, just to keep it short and sweet. We thought it would be fun to fuck around on the app. My friend didn’t want to make an account so i decided that i would. I quickly downloaded tinder and set up my profile. I was a little tipsy but not too off to not understand what all that i was doing. and i knew for a fact that i only was doing this for the giggles, that’s all. As we did our thing on tinder, matched up, and whatnot, my notifications started going off like absolute mayhem. I set my half empty bottle of beer down and looked at my friend- We’ll call her kay for privacy reasons. I knew that this was a dating website, but i never actually WANTED to get into a relationship. I shrugged it off and turned my phone off and told myself that once i went home i could just delete my account and the whole app in its entirety, not that big of a deal. right? wrong. I remember looking at the time, it was nearing around 4 am and i felt my body sober up. I had to babysit kids tomorrow and i sure as hell didn’t want to show up hungover and trashed. I told kay that i had to go home and said that i’d let her know if anything noteworthy would happen on tinder whilst being away. We hugged and i made my way through the patch of trees and in quietly through the back door again.

fast forward to about 2 days later…

I was babysitting some kids that i’ve been watching for a little over a year now. We were just chilling in the living room, i had a movie turned on for the youngest one- her name is sadie. she was 5 years old at the time and basically just a ball of sunshine and cuteness. Then there was jakob who was 10. And then Ashton who was 14. Why they needed a babysitter if ashton was 14? I’ve got no clue. But i honestly didn’t mind it, I loved the kids, they were a joy to be around.

Sadie was quickly fast asleep on the couch, i remember pulling out her silly cup strategically from her mouth without waking her up. Jakob and Ashton were both sitting at the island in the kitchen, jakob was bugging him about something. I wasn’t paying close attention to what he was bugging him about though. As I made my way to the island, my phone buzzed. It was a tinder notification. I was really weirded out because I hadn’t gotten many notifications since two days ago when i downloaded the damn app. I clicked open and i accepted them. Their profile seemed a little catfishy but i was only in it for the kicks, and i thought maybe i could fuck with this guy, kay would find it hilarious. Right away he messaged me. All I knew about this guy was that his name was Braxton. Or at least, that’s what his name on tinder was.
“it would be so exhilarating to feel your pulse escape as i grabbed your neck.” I read his message which he sent right away. My heart beat froze. I couldn’t think of anyone who would send me something this morbid. I looked up to see Ashton and Jakob looking at me with a concerned look. they asked me if i was okay, and that i had inhaled sharply and my face was severely red. I told them everything was fine and thatI had just gotten a sudden migraine.
“is that your family?” another message appeared. I stared at my phone. No words, no thoughts, nothing. He then sent another message.

“You are beautiful, you are mine.” I began to royaly freak. I asked him who he was, what he wanted, and to stay the fuck away from me and the kids. I blocked him and reported him after.

it’s been a few years and i’ve not experienced another encounter. An internet troll? or maybe someone hacked into my phones camera? I couldn’t say. But that is one story that I will NEVER forget.

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