My security guard shift

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I’ve been working as a security guard for a couple of months now and it’s reallt easy and the pay is good don’t really have to do much anyways. I work as a security guard at a apartment complex it’s an easy just I just walk around see if anyone has expired license plate or parked on a spot they’re not suppose to park in I only work overnight tho from 11pm-4am. This happened recently to me I was doing my job walking around till I heard like some sort of screaming but it wasn’t any human screaming the way it sounding like the best way I can put it was a dying whale. The scream came over to the side where there was woods were and there was a fence there to keep anyone from going there. I went to go see what that was i don’t know why I did when I got close at least 15 feet from the fence I saw something move I put my flashlight on it but only caught a breif second of it, it was all gray and very tall then it sounding like it was trying to climb the fence I booked it out of there and called my boss explaining what happened. I never went back working there I don’t know what I saw and I hope never to see it again


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