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For starters, I am a 14 year old freshman female. There is this guy at school named Daniel.Now Daniel is a big guy that always wears the same gray hoodie with shorts.He is weird. Not your average weird, he’s really weird. I’ve noticed Daniel a couple times throughout the year because he’s just so weird. I mean, who hasn’t noticed him?

Anyway, I am weird myself, but I usually just do it for comedic reasons. I always thought Daniel was funny to look at, its just the things he does that I find funny but others might not. I guess its because i have a really dark sense of humor. Daniel does this thing where he sneaks up on people, he’s even followed one of my friends home before. It’s not until a couple weeks ago when i just started having actual conversations with him.

My friends don’t like getting near him because he makes them uncomfortable. On the other hand, I like taking risks and doing things that others might not.We go up to Daniel, usually when he’s busy creeping others out, and we just ask him questions. Questions like “Why did you follow This person home” or “Why are you so weird” and just other random questions. We usually do this to get a couple laughs. But he creeps my friends out way more than he creeps me out. I usually just laugh at him when he does these things.

But his answers are really creepy now that i think about them. There’s this one day when he noticed that one of my friends wasn’t at school. We jokingly asked what he had done to her. He replies with a wink and a ” you don’t want to know.”

We usually watch Daniel sometimes, just to watch him be his weird self. He just walks around in circles or disturbs random people. There’s this one time where he grabbed my hand. Yes, it creeped me out but I just brushed it off. As long as he doesn’t actually hurt me.

I honestly just see Daniel as a regular human being trying to seek the attention of others by being a little creepy. But others don’t see it that way. He disturbs my friends and many others. He sneaks up on people and has even laid his hands on people.

I still have the rest of high school with Daniel. If anything really creepy happens, I’ll make sure to submit that story. But for now, I don’t think that I want to get to know Daniel on a personal level.

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