My Room Isn’t Safe

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I’m fourteen years old, my parents are divorced and my mother lives in Louisiana, and my father in Mississippi.

My mother’s house doesn’t have anything wrong with it, it’s my dad’s, which is odd since it’s a brand new house we built. But, that doesn’t seem to stop whatever the hell is in my room.

This all started when I was around 12. My friends who I’ll call Beth and Jane were sleeping over. It was around 2 a.m. when both Beth and Jane were asleep. I was about to fall asleep myself, and as I was I saw this woman pop up out of nowhere at the foot of my bed.
She was tall and lanky. Her arms were very long and bony, hanging loosely at her sides. Her hair was black and stringy looking like the way hair looks when you get out of the shower, stringy. She started to saunter over to me. I panicked and shut my eyes as quickly as I could. She was gone once I opened my eyes again.

I didn’t mention anything to Beth or Jane in case if they laughed at me, and or just tried to disprove me. After that nothing really happened, until another sleepover I had with just Beth. It was midnight or so, we had fallen asleep early since it was our last day of exams and we were beyond exhausted.

I’m a light sleeper, so when I felt Beth shift and get up, I opened my eyes.

“Beth where are you going?”

No response. After that, I figured she was sleepwalking, which was something she did often. She walked through the open door to my room, all the way to the front door in the den. She proceeded to try and open the door, and I tapped her shoulder.

“Beth what are you doing?”

She continued to try and open the door.

“I’m going to the lake.”

We had a lake near my house. I was kind of confused as to why her tired brain would decide to go there.


What she said next gave me chills.

Her head turned in my direction, and she whispered.

“Because she told me to.”

I was reminded of the lady I saw and vaguely remembered her hair being wet looking when I saw her. Which tied in with the lake.

I was pretty shook, and I managed to tell her we were going back to bed, and that she wasn’t leaving the house, and that was the end of it, we went back to bed.

I haven’t seen the lady recently, but I kind of feel her presence. It’s more welcoming than the previous encounters, but I don’t trust her.
Now there’s a new presence around me, a much more evil feeling one.

I was getting up to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and go to bed when I looked in my bathroom mirror I saw a dark figure in the corner, and as I saw it I felt this immediate feeling of dread, but I forced myself to ignore it and not feed into it. After a while of me wanting to shrivel up and die, the feeling went away. I barely managed to sleep feeling like I was being watched by something.

After this, I tend to see him looming in the corner, and I feel a very bad vibe like he wants to hurt me.

I don’t know what to do, and I’ve been keeping holy water next to my bed in case if I need to splash a bitch, but I haven’t had to.


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