my prom stalker

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first off, i’d like to say that i’ve not shared this story with anyone, except you viewers now. this is something very real and very scary, but i guess sharing it with someone via internet keeps me anonymous while still letting my story be known.

anyways, let’s begin.

this happened last year, when i was a sophomore at my high school. now, the way my school works is- only juniors and seniors can go to prom. freshman and sophomore are only allowed to prom if they were invited by upperclassmen.

my boyfriend at the time was a junior and asked me out to prom. saying that i was thrilled about it would be an under statement.

i remember all my friends were jealous and envied that i’d gotten to go to prom and they didn’t. i truly felt magical.

anyways, a week before prom my friend drove me out to a local clothing store that had beautiful prom dresses on sale.

that day it was particularly dark and rainy out, although my states weather has been and always will be bipolar. (i am not going to release my state for safety precautions). the parking lot was filled to the brim with cars so we had to park in a starbucks lot a little down the road. with it still being pretty cold, dark, and rainy outside, we wanted to take as many short cuts to the dress store as we could.

it’s kind of hard to explain but where the dress store was, the starbucks was a little diagonal from it- letting there be an alley way for us to cut through.

we decided to go through there because like i said, it was cold and rainy and the last thing we needed was for me to get sick. now, i remember specifically that there was a window to a building in the alley way- which is a pretty weird spot to place a window but it’s whatever.

that window had a blanket or towel of some sort covering it, preventing anyone from seeing in or out. i am 120% sure that it was fully covering the window because as we walked past it in the alley, i made a smart ass comment about it.

now this will be important later in the story.


after picking out a black black laced dress with sparkles all over it, we walked back to the car. the rain had settled down to only a light sprinkle. cutting through the alley way, i looked at the window and the towel that was once covering it was now completely moved to the side. it had looked like there was a face pressed up against it because i could still see the grease smeared acrossed it. looking back at it now, pretty creepy.

but being the young and naive 15 year old, i shrugged it off as nothing.

now i’m a very small girl, weighing at around 120 pounds and 5”3. chocolate brown hair, and bright bright green eyes.

i am not self absorbed but i can easily say that i am an attractive young lady. this is just to help you get a visual of me.

now, for the rest of the ride home both my friend and i mentioned how uneasy we felt. we blamed it on the sucky weather and whatnot but it was just a very unusual feeling- like we were being followed. once i got home i made sure to lock the door behind me since my parents didn’t get home from work until late.

putting some popcorn in the microwave, i flopped onto my couch and began scrolling through instagram when i got a new follow request. my account was set on public so that anyone and everyone could not only follow me- but see everything i post.

i clicked on the profile to see that they had zero posts, zero followers, and following one person- me. once again, i shrugged it off assuming it was just a new account trying to get it going.

after shutting my phone off i go to retrieve my now fully popped bag of popcorn when i see something against my sliding glass door.

it looked like two hands were cuffed around it, but i only got a quick glance before the figure retreated. my heart completely stopped. my 15 year old undeveloped brain raced.

my first instinct was to check and make sure every door was locked. then the windows. after that i waited anxiously on my kitchen floor until my parents got home.

after that night, nothing else happened.

until prom. my boyfriend picked me up in his all red 2016 camaro- nice right? we had a fun night dancing, eating, talking, and kissing. until my boyfriend told me that we had to leave. i was curious as to why he wanted to leave and why he was so anxious and jittery. once we reached home, what he told me totally shook me out of my own skin.

he said that he saw a man, maybe around his 40’s taking pictures of me on his phone. every now and then the man would rub on his penis through his jeans.

he said that the man looked at me intensely making sure not to even blink once. this was terrifying.

so beware, and be safe. and knowing that there’s a man out there with pictures of me on his phone, and i have no doubt in my head that that was him glancing through my sliding glass door that one night. i have anxiety everywhere i go.

so to the creepy man that stalks me, lets not meet again.

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