My Neighbor the Werewolf

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The story I’m about to tell you is actually my second encounter with an unknown creature, or at least one I wasn’t sure if it was real beforehand. However unlike my first encounter, which happened when I was 17 scarred me, this one was terrifying but also intriguing.

When I was 21 I moved in with my cousin out in the woods, 45 minutes from the closest city. We lived in a heavily wooded area called Vanleer, in between Dickson and Erin TN. Smallest town I’ve ever seen, you could drive through the town part in two minutes and see all 12 of the businesses there during that time.

The rest of the area was farms breaking up the vast wooded areas in between them, with one more gas station stuck in the middle of a fork leading out in the direction of where I lived.

I moved in with my cousin in November of 2011 a week before my birthday.

We partied occasionally but most of the time we kept to ourselves when not working, playing video games and watching movies together. Now the house was hand built by its previous owners who were renting to us for only $250 a month, just enough to pay off the taxes for it every year. The house itself had three bed rooms: the master bedroom downstairs next to the living room, the back room which was an enclosed porch before the full walls had gone up, and then the loft area upstairs where I stayed.

Now all of the bedrooms and bathrooms were on one side of the house while the other side was the kitchen and living room area.

The wall in the living room that was connected to the outside was basically to large sliding glass doors with a 12 foot wall in between them and two huge triangular windows above it all making that side of the house and A frame. This will all be important later.

Now we always were in the living room with our TVs and game systems all on that 12 foot stretch of wall in between the doors so there wouldn’t be any glare from the windows. We also ate there as well, and after we would ate one of my chores was to take out the scraps and dump them at the edge of the woods about half a football field away from our porch.

I’d done this almost everyday for several months since I moved in, because it meant I didn’t have to do the dishes.

During these romps out to dump scraps I was used to seeing coons, opossum, deer, rabbits, and even foxes, or coyotes.

And, at first the coyotes kinda creeped me out because all I’d see is eyes or hear sniffing and panting while I walked to my usual dumping spot. Nothing ever bothered me though because they all knew once I dropped the food and walked away it was all fair game. but During September of 2012 I began to get a regular visitor who was much bigger than any coyote or dog I knew.

I went out like usual to dump the scraps of that nights meal, when I noticed it was oddly quiet out. As I walked I felt as if the hairs on my arms were standing up, but I chalked it up to the odd silence and the fact that it was shifting into colder weather so there weren’t as many animals about. But, when I got to my dumping spot and poured out that night’s scraps something large growled at me.

It sounded huge and rumbled through the me and right into my bones.

I quickly finished scrapping out the pot and slowly backed away from the woods, when I saw a pair of yellowish eyes reflecting a little to the left of where I dump the scraps.

I stared as I moved backwards, never talking my eyes from the ones staring at me. As I got inside I told my cousin there was some big animal out there tonight and that we should keep the porch light on to keep a look out if it comes close to the house. Well the rest of the night was uneventful, but from then on when I took out the scraps that thing would be there waiting for me to drop the food the retreat, growling the whole time.

Never once did I see it, just the eyes, and after about a month it stopped growling when I came out even though I would see it staring at me from the woods.

Jump forward to December, snow had fallen and it had gotten cold. I’d kept up my feeding of whatever creature had been hanging around our property. But, as Christmas rolled around me and my cousin had went to go stay with family for the holidays, we were gone for maybe a week.

When we got back we had loads of leftovers and after carrying everything in and getting settled my cousin fell asleep on the couch in the living room and I had gone to sleep in my room in the loft.

That night i woke up thirsty and walked downstairs to get some water.

While I was going down the stairs I could hear a slight thumping noise coming from down stairs. Looking over the rails and seeing that my cousin was asleep still on the couch I wondered if something was on the porch, which happened occasionally with raccoons or turkey. But looking out of either of the big glass doors showed nothing, but since it was well around 7 degrees outsides I didn’t open them.

I went into the kitchen still looking at the doors in the living room when I saw a canine looking head poke around the side of the door.

Its head was huge and it sniffled against the glass door, at first I jumped a bit, but thinking this was just a really big dog and that its probably the animal I’ve feeding for the last few months I calmed down.

Remembering that I had been gone for a week I figured it was hungry and got some of the turkey from the fridge, intending to toss it out the kitchen door onto the porch so it could have something to eat. But, when I turned back from the fridge and looked at the door its nose had been pressed against I froze.

Its head had been about 3 feet off the ground when it had first poked it around, but now I was looking up to see that this creature was now standing on two legs towering over me and was hunched over to look through our door. Now I’m 6′, and my cousin is 6’5″ and his head barely brushes the top of our door frame, so this thing had to be at least 7’5″. I was stunned and frozen in place terrified.

What scared me even more was that this creature reached for the door handle to the sliding glass door and pulled on it!

My heart skipped a beat when I head the jam bounce against the lock, thankful we hadn’t unlocked them since we had come back home.

At the time my cousin began to wake up and he rolled off the couch still half asleep and shuffled towards the bathroom when he noticed me standing ridged in front of the glass door closest to the kitchen. He opened his mouth to say something when he noticed the dark figure standing in our door. The creature looked at him and growled, my eyes flicked between the two before I moved closer to the kitchen door.

The creature looked back at me noticing my movement. my cousin frozen in place was horrified at what was in front of him, he being still is what gave me my chance.

I grabbed the kitchen door handle and clicked the lock open.

My cousin seeing what I was doing scarcely above a whisper asked what the hell I was doing. I wrenched the door open and quickly flung the plate of turkey out the door and slammed it shut, locking it. The creature watched the plate of food fly past the porch towards the yard, took one more look at me then jumped off the porch going for the food.

My cousin grabbed me and pulled me upstairs into the loft bedroom since it had the sturdiest door on it.

We stayed in that room all night listening for sounds of that thing. After a few minutes we could hear it try the door one more time, snuffling its nose against the window. It tapped on the window for several minutes after realizing the door wouldn’t open before finally going back to the woods.

After that I took the scraps out during the morning and didn’t go as far as the woods. Although the werewolf, as I started calling it a few days later, didn’t show any real aggression towards us we never went out at night after that. But, we would occasionally see it out in the yard at night normally near where I would dump the scraps that day. I would eat what was left or just sniff the spot if it had already been cleaned by birds or other daytime animals.

And every time we saw it we would turn off the TVs and lights and watch until it went back into the woods.

I don’t know how werewolves actually work, if they are transformed humans, or just a really intelligent animal. Regardless of the truth having one for a neighbor was an interesting experience.

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