My Instagram nightmare

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This happened to me a few years back. And looking back, I still can’t believe how dumb I could be at times. Whenever I think about this incident, it send chills down my spine and reminds me to beware of every move I make online.

I belong from a very small town in India. Here Instagram is a big deal. You’re judged by the difference of your followers and following. I have always been a popular girl at school, but I still craved for a big online fan base. To achieve this I even made my account public. I did not accept everyone’s and anyone’s message request until and unless they were hot.

It was a Saturday evening when I was in my bed ready to sleep when I received a new follower by the username of sexy_steve_97.

I opened his account right away. I apparently found his name to be too interesting. He did not had his own picture as his dp. And he had like only hundred and thirty followers. I found it to a bid odd. For a brief moment I even believed it was a fake account. But I did not think much of it. At the end of the day I wanted more and more followers.

After a few days I received a message for him. “Hi” it said. For a brief moment I decided not reply but my curiosity got the best of me. “Heya” I replied with a smily face. “So you on facebook?” He asked. “Yeah obliviously!” I replied in a second. To my wonder the question was a bit strange. I mean it’s the twenty-first century! He asked me if he could add me there and I simply agreed.

The very next day I received his friend request. Let’s call him Y for this story. I stalked his entire account. I knew his college, age, school and almost everything. From that day we started talking. He kept giving me the signals that he liked me, and i like a fool kept blushing. At that time I should have known this guy was a big red flag, but I was too immature to understand.

After a few days of talking I stopped replying to his messages because he started acting weird. He kept on saying things like,”I’m too alone and desperate for love” and “only you can fill this empty void in my life.”

At first these messages did not bother me that much, but as they started getting more and more constant I had my boiling point. I did not block him but just started ignoring him. And after a few days he too got the hint and stopped.

A few months passed and I did not hear from him. But he kept on following me on Instagram and for some reason I too gave him a follow back.

We never really talked but sometimes commented on each other’s pictures. It was a lazy afternoon when I noticed Y had posted a story. I decided to check it out. It was his picture. I gave him a reply saying,”hotty” as I quit liked the picture. “Thank you” he replied after a few minutes. “Ah nevermind” I simply typed. After that day we regularly started talking on Instagram and after a few days we exchanged numbers.

He always called me late at nights and we usually talked till the sun was up.

He told me how much he liked me and for how long he wanted to confess this. From him I got to know he knew one of my close friends so I decided to ask for Y’s background.

What I got to hear wasn’t pretty but still for some reason I continued talking to him.

And before I could even realise he had already proposed me and I for some unknown reason had said “yes”. After that day things started to change.

He started to act as if I was his property. He hated when I hung out with my friends and even when I talked to them. He expected me to give him my entire day and night.

He got mad whenever my phone was busy. He made me unfollow everyone on Instagram except him. Soon I had enough of it. I very politely told him I can’t do this anymore and it was better for us to part ways. I then blocked him from everywhere.

I started ignoring his call and messages.

After a few weeks everything grew quit and I thought Y had made his piece with my decision. But how was I to know it was the peace before the storm.

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was home alone when I heard a ring on the door. I answered it and was shock to see Y standing outside. How the heck did he find my address?! Because I was sure I never mentioned it to him. “Can we talk?” He very calmly asked. I live in an apartment building so I knew if I talk to him while he was standing out it would invite only troubles for me so I let him in.

“Just get over with it” I said as I took a step back. Y entered my house and locked the door behind him. My soul froze. I had no idea what this guy had in mind. I looked at him, terrified. And all I could see was a grin on his face. “Are you scared?” He asked, as he took a step towards me.

I kept walking back, trying to maintain a distance from him. As his hand slowly moved into his pocket I looked at him and ran towards my room. He ran behind me screaming my name.

As soon as I reached my room i locked myself in.

I was crying by this time. I could hear him bang my door. Harder and harder.

“You too know Princess you can’t hide” he said as he banged the door harder. I looked around for my phone but realised I had left it outside. All my blood drained out of my body.

I was stuck in with this psycho who could do anything with me.

I mustered up all my courage and started shouting. My apartment was on the first floor so I was determined someone would hear me. After a few moments the banging stopped and I could hear people coming in my house. As I felt a bit safe I opened the door. He had left before people arrived.

My mom and the police were informed.

They took his number and asked me to deactivate all my social media. They also advised me to change my number. After this incident my mom sent me out to study and for a brief time she too lived with Grandma.

It has been more than three years at this point, I haven’t heard from Y and I hope this silence remains the way it is.

When I look back I feel myself so lucky. Because God knows what he could have done that day.

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