My House is Haunted

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This first encounter happened like 8 months ago. I was just lying down getting ready to fall asleep. I had my computer on with a tv show on for background sound. So with the computer open there was a little bit of light but not enough to completely light up my room. I was laying on my back when I heard a loud motorcycle or car drive by and lifted my head up to see the car light race around my room. At that moment I thought I saw something in the corner of room. I thought for a moment that it was just the shadow of something from the car light.

Then the fear swept over me when I realized the car was long gone. I’m almost certain that the thing standing in the corner of my room knew that I was in a state of fear because it slowly started to move towards me. The detail that made me know that it wasn’t human was when it was moving towards me there was no movement that showed steps. It just moved towards me like it was gliding across the floor. It kept coming closer till it was basically leaning over me standing next to my bed. I felt a frigid chill lay over me. I pulled my blankets over my face in fright. When I peaked my eyes out to see if that thing was still there, it wasn’t. I was relieved and went back to sleep. But every night I get a little worried that it will visit again.

My next short story was only 1-2 weeks ago. I was in my room with my door open waiting for my mom to come home. I was watching youtube videos. I had just finished a video and I heard a car pull into the driveway. I got up and waited for a second because something didn’t seem right. I heard the front door open. I slowly still a little skeptical started to head downstairs. I heard my mom walking through the house to the living room. I got downstairs and checked around and no one was there. I just realized the situation I was in and looked outside and saw no cars in the driveway. I bolted up stairs and almost dove into my room.

I was about to slam my door shut and lock it when I heard the footsteps again going back towards the door and it opens and closes and whatever was downstair had left. I again creep downstairs. I should mention that when this happened it was snowy outside so if someone were to come in you would see wet spots or rock salt on the floor. When I got downstairs there was nothing on the floors, they were perfectly clean. Since then I never feel completely alone when I’m home “alone”.


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