My Horrifying Facebook Friend

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I always wanted to share this experience, but I was afraid of being called a liar, or laughed at saying I “made it up.” To this day, my parents don’t even know this happened. What I’m about to tell you is as true as I can state it, and an experience that still haunts my mind to this very day. I was a 16 year old girl at the time, but not a very happy one. I was bullied in school, and had my heart broken several times by guys who often manipulated me.

I had one best friend, whom I’m still friends with to this very day.

In short, I was very alone, and to escape that, I turned to social media. At the time, I mainly browsed Omegle, then Facebook by creating a furry role play account. I just discovered what the fandom was, it seemed nice and friendly. I chatted with people, and slowly made new friends. However, one day I got a friend request that I wish I never accepted.

I can’t quite recall the name, but the messages between us will never leave my mind. He seemed nice at first, told me he was my age, and we talked about furries and whatnot.

He mentioned he was single, I was too, so we exchanged numbers. This was the mistake I made that costed me big time. Everything seemed fine, until a few weeks later he asks me if he could see me in my underwear. I’ve never been the type of girl to do that, even knowing his age is the same as mine.

So I kindly told him no, and he backed off. Another week later, he tells me: “Have you ever wanted to live as a pet for someone? I can take good care of you, and make you my personal baby factory.”

I was horrified and disgusted. I responded: “No way! Why would you even ask that?” His next response…

Sent chills down my back. “How about you send me nudes little girl?

Or sexually role play with me? Wouldn’t want to see anything tragic happen to your siblings, would you?” I was numb. How did he know I had siblings? I couldn’t respond to it. Eventually, I gave into the threats, and sent him nudes I never wanted to send, but when I said no each time, he threatened to hurt me or my family.

This continued for a good month, til one day, he said “How about you send me a photo of you playing with your sister?” My stomach became sick, and I did too.

This was the last straw. I told him I can’t and won’t, but he then said “Shame it would be if those delicious photos you sent me leaked on the internet.”

I didn’t know what to do, or how to respond. I was panicking, thinking so many awful things in my head. Finally, I told him I had enough, and we were done.

His last text was “Alright, but its not my fault you’ll become a slut on the internet.”

A few months pass, and nothing happened. Now, I’m 20 years old, working a part time job and have started a new relationship with a really nice guy.

I don’t associate with furries anymore, and within those 4 years, that disgusting pedo never messaged me again. I often wonder if he really did leak those nudes, but I think he was bluffing. Either way, that time of my life I was scarred from that abuse, and most of all, it taught me to never add just anyone on Facebook ever again.

If anyone hears this, please, be careful on the internet.

Young boys and girls are easy targets, and searching for love is not a good idea on the internet. I do not wish this upon anyone, and I hope that no other boy, or girl falls victim to this. Stay safe on the internet, you never know how depraved or sick people can be, even on simple social media platforms.

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