My Haunted Room

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I didn’t had any paranormal experiences, untill these past few years. My house is known for being haunted, especially my room. The woman who lived here before me died in her room, which is now my room. She commited suicide. I personally didn’t believe in ghosts nor did I believe in any paranormal stuff. But these things that happened to me made me think twice about it.

When I was in highschool all the people at my school would be looking for a paranormal game to contact the death or demons. I never joined them, because I thought it was all fake and didn’t want to spend my time playing those games. For my 15th birthday I gave a party where I invited all my friends for a sleepover. They came, and we watched movies, danced and ate a lot. But then one of my friends, let’s call her Cat, suggested that we would play a horror game. So Cat loves the paranormal stuff and we all could guess what kind of game we would be playing tonight. She went to her bag and pulled a Ouija Board with a planchette out. She asked me if I wanted to join, because she knew that I didn’t do these kind of stuff, but for once I said yes. I thought, ‘nothing could possibly go wrong, right?’ So we went upstairs to my bedroom, and sat on the floor. We all put our fingers on the planchette and Cat explained the rules to us. ‘The most important rule you all need to remember, is to never get your hands off the planchette without saying goodbye. Don’t play with them, as in, don’t say stupid stuff you’ll regret later. Luna is going to ask the questions, okay ?’ We all nodded, and put our hands on the planchette. (A/N: Luna is my name)

‘Are there any spirits willing to speak with us tonight?’ Cat asked. Nothing happened. I sat next to Cat, so she looked at me and saids that it was my turn to see if there would happen anything. I thought about what I was going to ask and decided to ask about the woman who lived here before me. ‘What is your name?’ I asked. S-H-E-L-L-Y it spelled out. I looked at Cat and then at my other friends. Shelly was the name of the woman who lived here. ‘Shelly, how did you die?’. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t talking to some evil spirit. I never played these games but I had a lot of knowledge about it. ‘Commited suicide’, ”Shelly” said. I then started asking about ther husband and childeren, but the planchette didn’t move anymore. We decided to just give up after an amount of trying, when suddenly the board spelled M-A-M-A repeatedly. We all just looked in horror while trying to move the planchette to goodbye. After a while the moving stopped and we quickly moved the planchette too goodbye.

We were terrified. It was late, so we decided to call it a night and head to bed. Me and Cat slept in the same room. We fell asleep, when suddenly the sound of knocking on my door woke me up. I walked to the door and opened it, nobody was there. I just ignored it and went back to sleep. After a while I saw Cat sitting straight up in her bed. ‘Hey, Cat?’ I asked. No answer. She just sat there, staring at me when my door flew open and a cold breese brushed against my cheek. I was so confused at that point. There was no way the door could open on it’s own. I didn’t have any windows open, so it couldn’t be the air.

While I tried to process what happened, Cat fell asleep again. I shrugged it off and guessed that maybe she was woken up by me closing the door. I laid on my bed again and stared at the ceiling. What happened next still gives me shivers to this day. There, at the end of my bed, I saw a shadow. And it wasn’t just a shadow, it was a shadow of a woman, sitting at the end of my bed. I quickly sat up straight and hoped it was just my mind playing games with me. I hoped it was, but no. The shadow stared at me while I stared back. I didn’t know what to do. I was so horrified I couldn’t even make a noise. When my voice finally decided to make a humanlike sound, the shadow came closer and then disappeared. I screamed my lungs out and everyone came to see what was wrong.

I explainded everything, but the only person really believing me was Cat. It was the next morning. Everyone went home, but Cat stayed a little longer to just tell me something. ‘So uh, about the shadow figure, I’ve seen her too’. And with those words, she walked away. And that was the last day I saw Cat, because the next day I didn’t see her. Nor did I the whole month. It later turned out that she was found in the river, dead. Her wrists were slit, she had scratches all over her body. But what scared me the most was, when I went with her in an ambulance, she opened her eyes and looked at me. She made an inhuman noise that only I heard and whispered something. ‘I will come for you’.

And now, three years later I am still terrified. I am planning on moving houses, but for now… I have to deal with all the stuff happening here.

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