My grandfathers land

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I am 24 years old and I live in Darlington county south Carolina, where this happened was a town called hartsville. This town is a mix of farms and city, it has cotton and corn fields everywhere, but I’m getting of track.

This happened when I was 18, me and my friend and my cousin were riding in my truck on my grandfather’s land. As we were riding through the mud trails we saw someone or something cross the road.

You might call me a idiot for this but I stopped and got out of my truck.

As I started to look around my cousin went “where are you going?” I replied “I think that was a poacher,I’m going to the deer stand, I’ll be back soon.”

As I got to the deer stand I saw something kneeling right in front of it. As I slowly sneaked towards it I said “hey, your tresspasing on my grandfather’s land and if you don’t leave we will call the cops or we’ll shoot you.”

As it turned to face me i literally died inside, the thing was 7 feet tall with white skin, orange eyes,sharp teeth, long claws and blood covering its head and the worst part was that it was smiling at me. As it slowly took one step towards me I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, I heard big footsteps behind me thumping.

As I made it about 50 feet to the truck my cousin and friend were freaking out when they saw it, it stopped and said “see you soon” and hopped in the brush.

I jumped in the truck and sped off. As we made it home, my grandfather said ” why were y’all speeding like that” I answered “we were just having fun” he went on about how he used to do that too.

Us three went to my room and played video games utill we fell asleep. I have on promise to keep to myself, I will never go on my grandfather’s land without friends or protection.

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