My Georgia Thunderbird Sighting

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This story takes place around the year 2000 when I was 8 years old in a small town called west point, GA. I lived In a quiet residential neighborhood and everyone had atleast a 1/2 acre of dense trees in their backyard.

I was outside on a beautiful partly cloudy day shooting my bb gun. I get the bright idea to go to the backyard and shoot some aluminum cans, as I get to the backyard i see this huge eagle-like bird on a kutzoo covered oak tree, and it was so big that the branch it was on was bending to point where it had almost broke. My heart sunk I was scared as hell, so I said let me shoot this to see if it is real (child logic).

I pumped my bb gun until I couldn’t pump it anymore and I aimed and fired…

I hit it! This bird flapped its wings twice and knocked a bunch of leaves off the tree and I literally could feel the wind from it, It had a wing span of atleast 27 to 30 feet. I ran into the house told my daddy about what I saw, we went back outside it was gone. My dad somewhat believed me and said there was nothing we could do since it was gone…

Fast forward 4 years I was watching the history channel, I had become obsessed with monster quest.

One afternoon I was watching and they had a special about the Georgia Thunderbird, and I almost had a damn heart attack, because i didnt know other people had seen it too. So I was glued to the tv and the exact thing the people on the show described was what I saw. Freaked out isn’t the word to describe how i felt. That was my validation that what I saw was a real thing and til this day I kinda want to see again.

Thanks for your good work and thanks for letting me submit. I hope you choose my story. Great voice by the way DP. Stay dark bruh. 🤙🏿


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