My Friend Under My Bed

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For the longest time growing up, my parents usually read me stories before i would go to sleep. However when i got older, my dad was too busy working 3 jobs to see me to bed. Also, i had a stereotypical childish fear of the dark. So much so nightlights were a common thing i’d beg for. This one night, my mom was out somewhere. I dont remember where she was specifically but she left my brother and i home alone. We were seven years apart in age so it was hard to interact with him. It was close to my bedtime and i begged my brother to read me a story before i went to sleep. He curled his nose at me and shook his head.

“Aren’t you a bit old for that?”

At the time i was probably..six or seven, so he had a point.

“B-but my nightlight went out..can you leave the light on?”

He rolled his eyes at me at this point and shut the door. I had my blankets up past my nose and i stared around my room. My mind playing tricks on me, making all the shadow shapes into monsters. Just then, i thought i saw standing in the corner of my room was a tall man. I was still for a while until i had a sudden rush of energy. I dashed to my closet and turned on the light, it wasnt bright enough to fill the whole room, but just enough to see the man in the corner of my room. His skin was gray, he had black hair slicked back going a little past his pointed ears, and his eyes.. his eyes had dark shadows under them. His irises were pitch black. He stared down at me the entire time. The shadow man began to smile at me, his teeth looked similar to cat teeth at how sharp they were. I remember his voice being smooth and soothing.

” Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping? Its way past your bedtime.”

I was a hard headed child so it took a lot to phase me. My short attention span must’ve kicked in because i remember being more curious than scared. I just looked up at him clutching the little rope on my pj pants.

“How do you know what my bedtime is?”

He looked puzzled for a moment, then began to chuckle.

“I know all children’s bedtimes. I hide under their beds until they’re asleep.”

At this point, i didnt want to go to bed. Not with this guy watching over me. I hopped into my closet and shut the door. My closet had a ventilation system in it, so there was space ontop of the vent i could climb into. My closet door

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