My expirence with the djinn

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Djinns are part of the Islamic religion, they are sentient beings that exist on a different plain but can interact and effect ours. They are the explanation for any paranormal or strange scary encounters in Islam, They are also known to mess around with people just for fun. example: footsteps when your home alone, its probably a Djinn. Today I’m going to go to in depth about my experience with the Djinn.

The are 5 types of Djinns that i will briefly go over, but before i go over them i need to tell you that all djinn have the same abilities but these are the 5 tribes, or nations i guess you could say of djinns.

1st we have the MARID  (pronounced MAA–rid), they are considered to be the strongest of the 5, they are you traditional genie in a bottle type of Arabic folk tales. 2nd we have the

EFFRIT (pronounced eff–FREET), these guy are the smartest of the bunch. They live in complex societies similar to ours. They are known to shape shift and, trick and scam others.

GHOUL (Arabic pronunciation uses a guttural gg sound somewhere between an English G and a French R). This tribe is native to Europe and north America. They are undead like and know to eat human flesh. They are known to be nocturnal and pretty dumb. Ghouls aren’t the most dangerous, but you would want to catch on of them in a dark ally way at 3 am.
SILA,  This is the one in my story. These Djinn’s are the most talented at shape shifted and usually appear in black animals like dogs, sheep, spiders, snakes, and other animals associated with bad omen.

And finally VETALA, these are your traditionally classic vampire like creatures, with psychic powers native to the south indo area of Asia. However, vetala can also change shape at will. They are thought to be natural psychics, able to foretell the future and gain insight into the past, as well as read the thoughts of others.

Here is some common knowledge you should know on Djinns. Djinns usually prefer to be unseen and live in secluded areas, like caves, land fills, lesser populated areas like woods, mountains, dirty or “haunted” neighborhoods, islands, etc. Djinns are capable of possessing others and entering dreams. They can physically change the room temperature either extremely hot or cold. They are capable they are capably to change the mind process of a person.

Disclaimer: i apologize if I’ve hyped up the Djinns because my story isn’t an over the top nearly possessed Hollywood material level story.

when i was visiting family in village in Sudan, it was night and i was trying to sleep and it was fuming out side, and it get up to 120 in the summer. I heard dogs barking far away, i didn’t think much of it, they soon got closer and closer. eventually they got pretty close , like a couple houses down.

Out of the corner of my eye i saw a dog shaped creature. it got a bit closer, and they barking in the distance got closer. It moved silently and every time i look away it inched closer, and the barking got closer. by the time it was 7 feet away i put away i put my glasses on. when i got a good look at it, it looked like a shadow of a dog just stood up, it looked so flat but it had depth to it.

it looked so unnatural and confusing, but as quickly as it came it left, and the barking faded and stopped.




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