My dark nightmare

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When I was younger I had an obsession with hacking , after years of learning I was able to breakdown fire walls , Trace IPs and bounce my IPs and audio change. One day when I was on a chat group with my other hacking friends we all were stupid enough to go into the dark web . At first I didn’t agree with them and refused to go with them but they convinced me it would be good for my experience and I can help bounce their IPs for them.
It took us a full 1 hour to get all 5 of us into the dark web. Luckily being the clever ones we sort of where we were all talking to each other on a different computer so we didn’t have to worry that someone else was listening.
after a while of going in and out of Links I found a link that caught my attention. It was completely red and had the title ‘huntsman’ , I told my friends and we all agreed to click on it.
The screen had been gone black for about 2 minutes before it changed to white and writing appeared . It asked for a password . Of course we were all confused but luckily one of my friends in the chat was extremely good at password breaking and were able to get in afte the told us what it was. A red box had appeared into the middle of the screen , one of my friends called jack clicked on it and what looked like a puzzle appeared . Being the weeaboos we were , all of us sucked at puzzles and we all agreed to leave and look for a different link . But we couldn’t. There was no exit button and no return/back button. I had Alex try to break out of the firewall so we could get out quietly with out in a sense tripping any alarms. He told me he couldn’t , when he opened the code for the page it was blank as if the page didn’t even exist, the page was like a black hole. After 20 minutes jack had told us that he found out the puzzle and we were able to get inside the page.

In in the middle of the screen was a video box with a play button , around the out side was a chat box. Randomly the video started playing , after a moment I noticed it was a  live stream which made me feel a bit worried ‘who the crap does a live stream on a place like this ‘ I kept thinking to my self .
after a moment a man wearing a black hoodie and ripped grey jeans walked into view , he wore a gas mask and seemed to be holding a baseball bat with spikes on the end. 2 people walked out from behind him holding a 3rd man with a bag Over his head. My heart stopped for a moment , I knew how this was going but I wanted to know if this was actually going to go somewhere .
the man spoke about ‘hunting’ and how we’ve lost our ability to focus on strength and now we look towards fake peace and hope. I didn’t know what these words meant and I slowly became curious. Alex in the chat said he wanted to leave but the other 4 of us refused and we all had to stay to watch
they threw the man with the bag on his head down to the floor on his knees . They took the bag off his head and I swear to god I can not get the image out of my head even though it’s been 6 months since this happened . The mans eyes were taken out and parts of his cheek was gone. All 5 of us in the chat went silent , I think by then we all agreed that we should of left . Jack started to attempt to break all of us out of the page while Alex started to change our username address .
The man that had no eyes seemed to be crying for help and begging for forgiveness for what ever he’s done wrong . With no care the man with the gas mask had stood behind him and cut his neck open . I sat in horror watching the man gasp for air as blood pored from his neck and mouth.
The masked man looked at the camera and smiled. ” it’s time for hunting ” he spoke before the camera went back . The video loaded back up again before we saw the masked man. He waved still covered in the dead mans blood. On the screen pictures of 5 young people appeared with the quote ‘ tonight’s victims ‘ . As I read it and saw the bat and knife he was holding I knew what the hell was going on.
i warned my 4 friends to hurry and leave before it begins. The questioned me why but I told them to hurry , as they had been busy trying to escape they had not seen the video and I prayed they wouldn’t seen what happened next.
The screen separated into 6 , views of the 5 young victims and the killer. The 5 started running away and the killer ran around trying to find them. It was like watching a first person view of hunger games just this time real…so dam real.

I watched them for about 6 minutes before seeing the killer grab a young girl by the hair and pulled her to the floor . She screamed in vain for help , I wanted to help but I couldn’t . He stood up and beat her to death with the baseball bat. As he looked at her , half her face was gone , her neck and shoulder formed into a pile of blood and flesh. I was sick, I couldn’t take it anymore , I left my room and was sick so badly in my bathroom. But I stoped as I heard something talk

come back, we can’t continue without Everyone watching ” . My body went cold , I stood up with no control and went back to my desk where both computers sat “THANK you for joining us again…”

after 20 minutes it was now just one and the killer. I don’t remember how it happened but along the lines of the person attacking the killer but with no success he also died . When the audio went quiet I looked back at my screen to see the young body of a teen age boys body handing from a tree by the neck , his stomach ripped open and his jaw gone.

everything seemed to be blurry after that. My eyesight was awful naturally from the tears and how much I had been rubbing them. After the killing had ended the killer spoke again ” thank you for joining me today, it’s be so fun” . Jack spoke into our private chat that he found a way to get out and everyone was so happy . He helped us get out of the page but something seemed off….yes we had just seen 6 people die but it was something else . The audio for our chat was echoing. I told everyone after we left the web that the audio sounded weird and everyone agreed . I turned off everyone’s IP bouncer as we were some what safe . We all went quiet before the echo appeared again , I can speak for the whole group that we have never been so afraid after what we heard….and that I couldn’t 6 in the chat party even though we only entered the page with 5 …..

” it’s ashame you are leaving so early ”


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