My dads Pizza Hut story

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First I would like to say that this story is not mine and it happened to my dad back in 2012 and I can’t really ask him about all the details again since he passed away 2 years later but it was due to something else and so I’m going to try and remember all the details as I can. So I’m going to tell it from his point of view.

I was the night manager at the Pizza Hut I worked at and I was usually the last one to leave. So I had to make sure the place was locked up, everything was cleaned and put away. I was making sure that everything was cleaned properly and so I started to mop out when a man about 5’7 white averaged built walked in.

I told him that we are closed and he had to leave. The man ended up saying that he wants the money in the safe. He also pulled out a pistol to make sure I did what he said. The safe for this Pizza Hut was located in the back of the store so the dude had to walk behind the counter and followed me back there.

Now usually when the safe gets opened it makes a loud alarm sound not for sure why though but the man didn’t really know that.

So when I went to open the safe for him the alarm sound went off and he thought I alerted the cops so he ended up pistol whipping me and then taking off.
I ended up going to the hospital to get it checked out and described what the guy looked like to the cops and to my knowledge they never caught the guy.

So person who tried to rob Pizza Hut and pistol whipped my dad whoever you are and wherever you are let’s not meet.


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