My Creepy Neighbor

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So to start, let me tell a little bit about myself. I’m currently a junior in high school, 6’0″ and about 200 pounds with a slight build. I live in a small neighborhood twenty miles outside of the nearest possible town, which is basically a german-like town in Central Washington State.

I had only recently moved here, probably about two years ago just after I had finished middle school from where I had previously lived in Seattle. Some neighbors aren’t the nicest or most friendly in our area, and some of them are without a doubt a little creepy.

And there is one of them that just makes me want to cringe and close my eyes whenever I encounter him.

My family are always the ones that love to joke around and make people laugh, so all of this started about mid-July I believe in 2015 and I remember me and my dad were working on a little trampoline outside for my little brother.

I remember this guy walking up our long driveway just staring at my father blankly before walking right up to him and asking if he needed any help, my father replied saying he never needed any help, but before my dad could say another word the man said “You wanna see my scars?”.

My dad had nervously said “Sure, I guess?”.

Without hesitation, the man had pulled up his shirt showing off the amount of scars he had on his chest. My dad had told the man to put his shirt back on and leave immediately, the man did as my dad said and let out a disturbing moan.

The man then said, “I’ll see you both later” with a creepy grin on his face. I was a guy, which makes this just as weird.

Nothing much happened after that for another year or so. It wasn’t until November of 2016 that I had once again encountered this creep. Let me give you the best description of this guy, He had brown hair with a small brown mustache and a scar on his upper lip. He was about 6’5″ or 6’6″, and about 260 pounds in his mid to late forties so he was pretty intimidating, well not fat just really tall and slightly fat.

As I was saying, on this particular day on November 2016, I was driving around in my golf cart, as I was making the turn towards my house, and then I saw, him, about 100 feet away from me. As I got closer, he just stared at me blankly with his cold and stern eyes.

I just looked away and never looked back him as I knew he was still staring at me.

I rarely saw him and whenever I did, I would get and eerie feeling and a chill up my spine because I knew that there was something off about this guys personality.

My family likes to call him ‘Vaseline Man’ because of the way he seemed to be shiny whenever he took his shirt off during, I know, the guy was just very weird.

And only just recently, he went from just plain weird and creepy, to downright terrifying in one night. So this happened at around midnight and I was staying up late like I usually do watching movies and all that stuff.

I hear a loud thud at my window.

Startled I jump back away from the window on my bed and after a few seconds, I seemed to just realize it might have been a bird or some animal from outside and then go back to my movie.

About five minutes later, another thud came from my window this time even louder. Again, I ignore it once more and go back to my movie.

Then another and another and another thud each time growing louder and louder.

Annoyed, I rushed over to the window and pulled open the shades. There was that Vaseline Man again, this time staring at me with a much more angrier expression.

As furious as I was, I gave him the finger and stormed outside to confront him. He hadn’t even moved an inch from the window and was still staring into my soul. I yelled at him to get the hell off my property or I would call the police.

He gave me a look that will always haunt me even to this very day.

It was the look a little kid makes when their parents can’t give them a toy or video game, coming from a middle-aged man, it’s much more disturbing.

He then said “You will be mine one day, and you will know it”. Soon after that he turned around and walked into the woods never to be seen again that night.

I walked back into my room and tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t because of the amount of fear and anxiety that was going through my body. I didn’t call the cops for the simple reason that the guy didn’t do anything to harm me.

Looking back on it, I kinda regret it, but I didn’t want to make a huge scene for almost no reason. I have absolutely no idea what he will do and what his intentions are for me.

Only time will tell.

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