My creepy concert experience

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About two years ago, while I was attending university in Virginia, my roommate and I got tickets to go see Skillet in Richmond, 2 hours from campus.

The concert was on a Sunday night, so after the amazing time that left our voices so hoarse we sounded like the chipmunks, we had to start the 2 hour drive back to campus. Mind you, this was during the height of those killer clown psychos, and we had been warned there were a few spotted in Richmond during the time we’d be there, but we didnt care.

It was skillet, the tickets were $30, and it was skillet.

The concert had let out a little after midnight, the streets were deserted, foggy, and we had to walk 4 blocks to the garage where my car was parked.

Now, both of us are female and relatively short, with her being on the slimmer side and me a bit thicker. But we both know how to defend ourselves and I carry a knife with me, so we weren’t too concerned about making the walk to the car in silent hill territory.

As we get half way to the garage we notice all of the other groups that were walking around us were gone, already at their cars.

We then start joking about the street lights flickering, my roommate said they were flickering because the void where my soul should have been (I’m a ginger) needed to feed on the light.

It’s then that I notice someone up ahead under one of the flickering lights. I elbow my roommate and gesture at the person and we cross the street.

Just because we know how to protect ourselves didnt mean we were gonna walk into such a situation.

So we keep walking, and I keep my eye on the person while pulling my keys out of my pocket to hold in one hand.

Then, they start walking towards us. Not down their sidewalk, not over and down to us, but full on straight line diagonally across the road towards us so there was no mistake they had their sights on us.

We can see the garage and I tell my roommate to pick up the pace and hop the little metal barricades that were dividing the sidewalk from the garage.

The person starts running at us and I can finally make out through the fog that they have an afro,and weird loose clothing. We start running.

Once we reach the portion where the garage is open along the sidewalk except for the guard rail to prevent cars from cutting across the sidewalk we jump it and run for my car which was naturally the only one there. We could hear the persons shoes echo as they entered the garage.

I held up my keys and unlocked my car, my roommate telling at me to run faster.

Somehow we made it to my car, somehow I didnt drop my keys like some cliche, somehow we got into my car and had the doors locked as this fucking crazy clown slams into the passenger side door. I backed out of my spot in record time and hauled ass to the entrance where I was able to pay and raise the little barricade before clown asshat caught up.

As we drove away we saw him walk into the middle of the road and stare after my car before the fog hid him from view. We freaked out for the first hour and then my roommate fell asleep. I was checking my mirrors every 2 minutes.

I really hope he didnt see my university sticker on my back window.

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