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Hi, I’ve had my fair share of scary experiences. So has my uncle, Stacy, his story was on the trucker episode. This is something that happened about a month ago. I always loved this girl, she was my cousins bff. Her name was Vayler. Vayler is about 18. Her brother Luther is my cousins boyfriend. Luther and my cousin, Samantha, are still dating, but Vayler isn’t coming back for a long time.

It was Sams 19th Birthday, so she invited Vayler over for a sleep over. Vayler was super cool. We sat  around and played Grand theft auto 5 all day. Her and Sam went downstairs to the kitchen to get a sandwich. I could hear them laughing downstairs, When all of a sudden Vaylers phone went off. Being a snoopy 14 year old I looked at the message. It read”  Is she in the trunk yet, I have a buyer.”.

I froze horrified I had no idea what to do. I took my phone and took pictures of all the conversations between her and some guy named Vincent. They had been taking about kidnapping my cousin, and selling her to a man named rob. They were going to sell her for $30,00. When they came back up stairs Vayler saw she had a text and picked up her phone. I asked her if she would get me a Pepsi out of the fridge. When she walked out of the room, I showed Sam the texts.

She freaked out and we ran to my aunt and uncles room. When we got inside we locked the door and woke up my aunt and uncle. We showed them the texts and Stacy grabbed his pistol and headed to my cousins room. Vayler was taking money, jewlrey, games, video game consoles, and some batteries.  My uncle pinned her down and we called the police. Turns out she was wanted for 4 counts of kidnapping and murder. She was took to jail and got a life sentence. She seemed like such a nice and cool girl, now she’s rotting in jail. They also found her diary.

She drew pictures of her killing my cousin

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