My Brother and The Truck

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This had happened to my little brother when he was really into fitness and keeping his body in top shape. We had lived with our grandparents at the time and they kind of live in the middle of no where and where you can see nothing but a forest for miles. He had enjoyed jogging and I would sometimes go on a few jogs with him. But one week I was bed ridden. On the first day this happened I remembered him coming home and he literally looked like he had decided to run through the forest instead of beside the road like how he usually does. He was a total mess. There was pine needles sticking out of his hair and his back side looked as if he slipped in mud. When asked what happened he shook his head. I could tell there was something wrong cause he’s usually one of these chatty people that could talk forever and about anything while smiling like some kid. Bit instead of being his usual happy self he had tears which he was trying to hide and refused to tell me what was up. My big sis instincts kicked in and I had my other brother Lee see what was wrong. Lee thought it wasn’t a big deal until I did nothing but bug him. Apparently our brother had went jogging and on his jog a truck kept following him. He thought maybe he was in the way until he moved off the road and closer to the trees. The truck driver though didn’t pass him like he was hoping and instead drove up beside of him. The driver had rolled down his window and started asking my brother a lot of questions like if he knew where some place was and how long he was jogging. My brother didn’t think much about it and told him he didn’t know where the place that the driver was asking was located and that he usually jogged for an hour. The driver though kept asking my brother where he lived and if he wanted a lift
My brother had declined the ride and was going to continue his jog until the man went to grab at him. Now this had startled my brother and he asked the man what he was doing. Here is where it gets creepy. Lee said that the man was now grinning at our brother. The grin unsettled him and he slowly backed up seeing the man slowly getting out of his truck and reached for our brother again. This is where our brother decided to take off into the woods and run as fast as he could back home. After hearing this story me and Lee decided to tell our grandparents which for some unknown reason didn’t believe us. Now we was both upset. Sure our brother was use to making up lies and stories but this didn’t seem like something he would lie about. My grandfather decided to ask our brother if this story me and Lee just told our grandparents was true and our brother denied it. After that our grandparents decided that they didn’t want to hear anymore of it. The story wasn’t brought up though until the next day. My brothers usually waited down in front of my grandparents drive way for the school bus but Lee had to go to a doctor’s appointment with my grandfather so it was just Lester. I was going to have a smoke outside until I seen a truck slowly coming to a stop near where my brother was waiting for the bus. I got an uneasy feeling and decided to duck behind a truck while holding onto a tree limb. My brother had slowly back up and was going to run inside of the house until a big guy that slightly looked like a grizzly got out of the truck and went to pick up my brother. I screamed at the man as I ran at him with the tree limb in my hands clutched tightly. Quickly the man dropped my brother and hopped back into his truck as he speed off burning rubber. My grandmother came out of the house just then and asked who that man was and what was going on. My brother whole crying told both me and our grandmother the story he told Lee and that the person that was driving the truck was the same guy from the other day. My grandmother called my grandfather and told him what had happened and we decided to tell the cops. The cops told us that since the guy didn’t get my brother there wasn’t much they could do but put out a warning about the guy. Both my grandparents decided that they should keep both brother at home with me for the rest of the week while explaining to the school him and Lee went to what happened. The school agreed that my brothers should stay home the rest of the week. My brother claims he doesn’t remember this ever happening while me and my grandmother still does.

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