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I live in a decently large town just outside of Niagara Falls. Crime isn’t very common on my side of town, but the east side has seen murder and rape. I used to live on the east side of town. It wasn’t pretty, so my family and I moved out to a nice suburban area on the west side.

I was home alone on a warm summer day, maybe 75 degrees. Anyways, I was outside doing some housework as I was instructed the previous night. Just as I was finishing up cutting the grass, a man walked on to my driveway. I looked at him, and asked him if he needed anything. He paused, and just.. jogged away. I brushed it off as nothing and went inside.

Later that night I walked down the street to my local corner store. I walked inside and saw the man again. I felt chills down my spine as he approached me. He said in a raspy voice “You really know how to use a lawn mower!” I thought nothing of it and just replied with a smile. He looked at me and smiled back. Things got awkward. Quick. I said I needed to leave and he blocked my path. “Are your parents home?” He said grinning. I responded yeah they are. I was lying. He didn’t say a word, but I said “is there something you want?” He just stared. To my luck, the cashier came out and told him not to block the exit. He then proceeded down the junk food aisle. I got out of there faster than hell with my eyes as big as marbles. I ran home like a bag caught on a gust of strong wind

Later that evening I decided to take a nap. I fell asleep quickly, not remembering the incident that happened earlier. I woke up to a banging on my door at around 1:30 in the morning. I almost shit the bed. It was on the back door. I looked out the window. Nothing. I thought it might’ve been a friend or a neighbor needing help. I was naive and I clearly wasn’t thinking. Why would my friend or anyone for that matter be here so late? And why were they in my LOCKED backyard?

I ran downstairs and turned on the backyard light. Big mistake. It was the man from earlier. I jumped back and shrieked at the top of my lungs. Wrong move again. He rammed his elbow into the door and popped it off the hinges. I tried calling 911. No service. I yelled and told him I was calling the police anyways. He outsmarted me and realized my phone wasn’t glowing when I pretended to call them. He then proceeded to push the door forward, further breaking it. I was crying by this point, and I ran upstairs. I heard the man break inside. I check my phone again. ONE BAR! I WAS SO RELIEVED! I dialed 911 immediately and they told me to stay on the line. The man then proceeded to yell “YOU LIED YOU FUCKER! YOU LIED ABOUT YOUR PARENTS!” I climbed in the compartment in the back of my closet and shut it. You could smell the fear on my sweaty body, shaking as he walked in. He started banging on everything. This man was not stable, in my eyes at least. He ran downstairs looking for me, as I hear sirens pulling up to my house. The man runs, and doesn’t make it too far as they see him casually leaving the property.

The police questioned me and later charged this man. As it turns out, he wasn’t stable. He had some weird illness that to this day I still can’t pronounce. I am now 21 and living happily, but always remembering that this man. This sick, crazed man.. never plead guilty.. so he’s still out there. Probably looking for me. I live in the same house.. (Read request made for Blue_Spooky)

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