My 2 hotel cleck stories

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I work has a late-night shift supervisor for a hotel on the ghetto side of town near a major highway in Louisiana. Our hotel locks it doors after dark for safety reasons. to check in you had to do though a window.
ALL BEGIN IN JAN 2011, a girl I work had something happen to her. (this girl is lesbian and never saw a naked man in her life,) Late 1 nite during her shift a guy n a dark 4 door car park sideways n front of the window. After a while she felt the guy watching her. Then the guy was blowing kisses at her and he was DOING SOMETHING TO HIMSELF (U CAN GUESS WHAT IT IS) She gave him a gross but shock reaction and she called the police & gave them plate number, but they never came. Nx morning manager who is transgender basically a girl with a manhood. The girl asks our manager does a manhood really like that. The manager said yes. The guy got the reaction he wanted. I came back from my 2 days off to the grave yard shift. I had no idea what was waiting for me.
It was after midnight I noticed a car with a man in a Freddy Krueger shift it pulled n sideways in front of the check in window. at 1st i thought he was waiting 4 someone. After a couple of minutes i got the feeling he was watching me. Then i remembered what my co-worker told me & i no it was the same car. I called the police. I no this guy wanted me 2 look at him so 2 make sure i wouldn’t look at him. I started 2 watch GNR videos. Once i start watching GNR i don’t pay attention at anything at all. I notice out of the corner of my eye he even pulled up little more. But i didn’t look all.
Then a customer n a big truck pulled up on the side of the car & block his view of me. So then the car left. not even 2 minutes later the cops showed up. it was too late.
He seems to always show up after our security left at 2am and b4 5am.
Over the nx 2 yrs he would show up in different vehicle but always the same damn Freddy Krueger shit every four months. One time he showed up I called the non-emergency police report for my cell phone so he wouldn’t me doing it. He seems to always leave b4 they would show up. I found out from the city police that he was doing these for months only to the hotels who had check out windows when a girl was working by herself with no onsite security on non-busy nights. They have called THE NORTHSIDE JACKOFF BANDIT.
The last I saw him was in summer of 2013 b4 I left. It was after 2am and I wasn’t n a good mood with migraine. Bandit took to whole new level. He got out the car and hit behind brink column nx 2 the check in window. He peeks around the corner i saw his Freddy Krueger shirt. I realize who it was. I got pissed and got up to unlock the door. I ask him what in the hell he wanted. He told me he was love with me. That I was beautiful and just wanted to look at me. IDK if he was jacking off. I yelled to get the hell off the property. If not, I would call the police and have him charged with trespassing, stalking, and harassments. I also told him if you don’t want us to spot you easily stop wearing the damn Freddy Krueger shirt. What the matter that only shirt you got. NOW FUCKING LEAVE. I shut the door and lock. When I return to check out window he was taking off in his car. At the point I was so done with this shit and drama at the hotel.
For a long time I feared this guy because idk who he was. I have stalkers and creepers b4 but I knew who they were. Once I comfort him I realize I had nothing to fear. After I left I was still friends with one the ladies that work there another 2 yrs. She told him at the still showed up but not on the property just the road in the front of hotel. You guess it still wearing the same damn Freddy Kruger shift. The police never caught him or figure out who he was. Even though the hotels the bandit hits had good security cameras and had a clear pic of him. Still nothing.
Over this period the hotel did receive some creepy phone calls all the time but not when I was there. IDK if it was bandit or not. We were never sure.
SPECIAL NOTE: If the guy had got out of the car and came to the window and flashed me. I would have pointed and laughed at him and said. U R PROUD OF THAT SMALL THING.
PS this wasn’t my most scary experience at the hotel. Its have to do with paranormal. But that a story for another time.

My 2nd story:

One late December Nights in 2011 it was is it from Midnight when I got call from the person staying in room 121. That one of our hotel is that the rooms are located on the outside. The left side was double rooms and on the right side was single rooms. Our hotel was under reservation so a lot of the rooms were out of order. Room 120 run is located on the double side way toward the back of the hotel. And the room above 221 was out of order do the air conditioner not working.
So I get a call from The Guest Inn 121 but there is a loud party going on upstairs in that room. The guests can hear people talking laughing and some music coming from my room. I’m tell our head of security what is going on. Mr. Paul claims he made his rounds 20 minutes before but yet didn’t hear anything. The guest claimed round it started about 10 minutes ago she heard people running upstairs laughing and
giggling slamming the door and her and loud music. I guess even claim she could smoke what was like cigarette smoke. So I got the maintenance man who also doubled as the front desk clerk to watch the front desk.
When I hung up with a customer I went check the surveillance cameras which also has mic=
s on them. Luckily room 221 the camera was right above it. So when I clicked on the screen to enlarge the picture me and mr. Paul can hear music and people laughing with in the room. But no one was outside the room on the baocony like the customer said she heard. So me and mr. Paul figured they went back inside because they heard the customer complain somehow. So I grabwent my cell phone and it’s Paul and I walked to the floor and the back of the hotel to go to the room.
While walking to the room we can hear the loud musicLic in the room which was weird because it sounds like 20s music. We both heard people laughing it’s not like they were dancing and smelled cigarette smoke. so we went upstairs and banged on the door. The minute mr. Paul knocked on the door is like everything stopped. And we didn’t hear nothing else.
It’s like you went dead silent. We looked at each other and confusion knowing what we heard. Mr. Paul who’s also doubles housekeeper at night use his master key to open the door. There was no one in the room. The room was hot cuz due to no air conditioning but it was still cold outside almost 30 degrees with a 20 degree wind chill. But the room was like almost 90=C2=B0. We smelled smoke outside the room but there was no cigarette smoke inside it.
.. We heard people in the room with the loud talking laughing and the music.

It sounded like a raging party going on when we were outside the door. We even heard it over the security camera microphone. this spooked us spooked us to the Bone. Me and mr. Paul stepped in the room and we searched it but found nothing. Even though the room was in 90 degrees in winter We still got a cold chill down our spine and had the feeling of being watched.
now I have investigated the Paranormal but this truly spooked me out. We left the room and lock the door. I miss the Paul decided to steal it off. The customer in room 121 who came outside to watch the whole thing. was so creeped out by the whole thing. she asked to be moved to another room period on the other side of the hotel. being the manager in charge that night I did that for her without extra charge.
mr. Paul left at 2 in the morning. The maintenance man who also doubles as a security guard from 2 to 7 until the morning guard showed up. A lot of customers around that room including the maintenance man claim they can hear the music. But the only one that complained was the one directly under the room.
If multiple people had complained including the maintenance man our policy is we don’t go investigate the rooms ourselves we call the police. When the hotel owner showed up at 7 a.m. I had. to explain to him what happened. He did not believe until he saw the camera footage and speaking to the guest in room=C2=A0 121 and reading the nightly logs from the front desk and security. mr. Paul backed up everything that happened. the hotel owner decided to keep it on the down low and the guest in room 121 he gave her a whole week free if she agree to sign a confguestiality agreement. as for me and most of all we already signed one when we =
first got hired at the hotel. and to make sure we really didn’t say anything he gave me this to Paul and the maintenance man some nice raises in our paychecks and some extra days off with pay and some nice Christmas presents.

The hotel owner was part of the Hindu religion got it blessed to make doub=
le sure it would happen again he also got a Catholic prayer release to bledsth9 to. After that he had the room sealed off permanently and erased all evidence of it including the security footage. up until the time he sold it the hotel at was the last thing that ever happened that was the ParanormAl.
I never went back there again. but Mr Paul and the maintenance man claimed that =
every time they go near that room they feel like they’re being watched. So it was voided at all cost. But what Stills baffles us that the hotel’s manager in-laws lived at the hotel on the other side and they claim they didn’t=
hear a thing. But I know for a fact that every customer that occupied 15 out of the 84 rooms tat were still in use at the time heard the loud music. They were the only ones that didn’t hear it

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