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When I was about thirteen years old, my mom and dad would leave me home alone a lot. I didn’t care. I would just play call of duty in my basement, maybe eat some junk food, you know, normal teen stuff. But one day, while I was eating popcorn and playing the first black ops(man I miss that game)and filming a youtube video(I had a camera filming me while I was playing the game.) I heard a knock at the door. My mom always reminded me to never open the door for anyone. So I just ignored it.

About 30 minutes later I completely forgot about the knock on the door. But all of the sudden, I hear the door creak open. I paused the game to listen for my mom to yell “Billy, i’m home!” Like she usually does, but this time, there was nothing. I didn’t do anything because I was a stupid teenager, and just started playing my game. About ten minutes later I heard the door open and close again. I just assumed it was my mom leaving the house for whatever reason.

I finished my game and I decided to take a quick nap. I really loved taking naps when I was young, it was a great way to just relax. About an hour into my nap, my phone woke me up. It was a text message from my mom. It read: “Hi Billy! I’ll be back home in 20 minutes!” I don’t remember much from that day, but I do remember the sheer horror. I could feel my blood go cold. Then I thought, “maybe it was her who opened and closed the door?” So I texted her back saying, “So that was you who got home and left just two hours ago?” I saw the little text bubble appear in the bottom left of the screen. Then I saw it disappear. Then I saw: “Billy hide” So I grabbed my knife in my dresser and hid in my closet. The I remembered, “didn’t the person leave the house?” And with that thought in my head, I ran out of my closet, and dialed 911 on the house phone. About ten minutes later, the police arrived.

I told them everything that happened. Then my mom showed up. The cops asked me if I could identify the person and I said no, because I didn’t see him. Oh, and I forgot to mention, nothing in the house was gone, so there was no proof someone was here. Then I thought every thing was over, because the police left and said that they were going to try to find the person. So I was editing the video of the camera that was filming me, I saw in the corner of the screen, where the staircase in my basement is, some footsteps were walking down it! I literally saw someone or something walk down my stairs. Then it stopped, once it noticed me. I got a good look at its face. It didn’t look like a person at all. Its eyes were crooked and it mouth looked like it was upside down. Its hair was like a mohawk. But the weird part was, its skin… it was black, but wavy. It’s hard to explain, it looked like it was made out of some liquid. It was truly horrifying. The thing stared at me for about 5 minutes then turned around and walked back up the stairs, without a single creak in the wood, which surprised me because the stairs were really creaky. I never showed this to the police… I know I know… stupid of me.

A couple knights later, I heard screams from my parents room and I ran in there with my knife and saw my parents, dead, hanging from the wall. Then I saw it… that… creature. It was about to jump out of my parents window. So I ran after it and rammed into it, therefore causing both of us to fall out of the window. In mid air, I started to stab it in the neck, next thing that I knew i’m laying on my front lawn. My neighbor was holding me up asking if I was alright. Then I started to scream and tug and yell “WHERE’S THAT DAMN THING!!” My neighbor was trying to calm me down asked, what thing? Then I yelled “the thing that killed my parents!!! The thing that I rammed out of the window!!!!!” My neighbor reassured me that I didn’t ram anything out the window. She saw everything happen. She saw me crash out the window and start stabbing myself. She was wrong, I…I…I just knew it! I saw the thing! Later the police arrived and saw my dead parents. They saw the knife in my hand. When they put all the pieces together… well… you know what happened. This was my first time I was allowed to type from the mental hospital… I KNOW 7 YEARS AND NOW I AM ALLOWED TO TYPE. Its stupid. No Everyone is stupid! I SAW THAT THING!! I SAW IT!!! Everyone in this stupid hospital are delusional! They should be the ones locked up in this hell hole! *sigh* The “doctors” are telling me that my time is up.  

I’ll see you soon …real soon… Weather you like it or not.

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