Monsters in the Forest…

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In all of my life… I have never encounter a … ” thing “… quiet like this. I live alone, just be and my boxer named dutch. I am only 26 but already retired, we live in a nice log cabin. only a few miles from the nearest paved road. It can get very lonely out here, i had a girlfriend but…

I found her cheating on me so we split up.

Not much happens where i live….but, i was on my way home from doing some shopping in town, Dutch was riding shot gun. We got home and something looked off. I walked up to my front door and I saw claw marks all along the side of the house, even.. on top. I am 6 foot 6 in,  and whatever did that had to be huge. I didn’t think much of it at the time, i just thought it was a bear, it would not have been the first time. Later that night I took dutch out to go to the bathroom.

And… i heard the most… blood curdling scream…i grabbed dutch and bolted back inside. I locked the door and grabbed my 50. call. A little memento from my days in the military…. i turned off all the lights and stayed dead quiet. No sleep was had that night. I heard whatever was outside…

I wanted to get a look at what was out there… so… I took a look threw my blinds…. the ….thing…. was at least 8 foot…. it looked… hungry… then…. it stared dead at me…. it had…. black pools for eyes…… I duck behind the wall …. then it spoke….it said…. ” I can still see you…”. My heart sunk. I was speechless. I sat there for a good hour… i then herd my storm door being knocked down to the ground…I then hear….. and….saw that thing…. kill… and eat my dog…… when it was done it looked at me, darting at me, I ran and jumped out my window. I then ran faster and longer than i ever had before….

I found an old stump to hide behind. I Waited there until I heard a log, not a stick, a tree brake in half. i ran back inside, whatever it was, it was on my trail. ran to my porch and turned  around. It….was just a few feet away…. my….dogs caller…hanging from its jaw….I razed my and unloaded my entire clip….It ran off after the first 4 shots…. when it left… I fell down to my knees …. unloading the rest of my clip into the woods… i went back inside after that….

i found what was left of my dogs body…. and… clawed into the side of my home was the words…. ” GET OUT “. I sill live in that cabin, I have put cameras all around the place, i have enough fire power to level a small country. I am not leaving until I get that thing.

My dog will be avenged. I ran across this channel while exploring YouTube. I had a old friend draw what i saw, I hope this story from my past has entertained you, thank you for your time…

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I don’t even know what to say. I’m so sorry about your dog, I don’t blame you for wanting revenge and I hope you get it. Be careful, stay smart and stay safe. Take it without letting it take you.


Please tell me this isnt true. Poor dog 🙁