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This is the first and only time I will be telling this true story that happen to me. It was summer 2010 if I remember the year right I was camping with my uncle and my two friends. It was late after the fire was put out my uncle was sleeping outside the tent to make sure nothing got in.

And I’m not sure what time I woke up at but I had to pee so I did my best to not wake anyone. And I walked out of site of the tent into the woods a little.

I could still see the river so I didn’t get lost.

So after my business was done I heard something getting into the river . I looked over to see if it was my uncles dog named Cooper. But no it was this human like wolf coming at me . It took me a couple second to figure out it was a were wolf.

I started running back to the tent .

And I heard a howl and it starting to get out of the river and follow me. I was not looking back then I tripped . Before I was able to get up it was at me not one but two of them where over me . One howled sniffed the air and walked away. I was trying to army crawl away as that thing grabbed me and picked me up by my left leg. I was so afraid that I kicked it right in the jaw. It dropped me and I ran .

I saw the camp I saw the tent. Then I felt a sharp pain in my back and I yelled and fell down as it howled. I knew I was going to be its food. I started to feel it’s teeth go into my leg as my uncle said get away form him. I passed out form the pain so I don’t remember what else happen. But I woke up with the bite mark on my leg .

But now I never stay up to see the full moon.

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