Monster on a military post?

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I want to start off by saying that I am a huge fan of this channel, and I have always secretly wanted something to happen to me so I could write about it and contribute to the group.
Well I got my wish, and I regret every second of it.

I’m an M1 Abrams Crewman in the National Guard, so once or sometimes twice a month we head up to Camp Ripley, our states military base, to spend the weekend preparing for whatever our next big mission is. Camp Ripley is a decent sized military base tucked in the woods of northern Minnesota, so we have run ins with the wildlife all the time. Not entirely uncommon to see a family of deer walking through the firing range, not giving a crap about tank shells flying over their heads.

I can’t give out dates really but I can tell you that this happened just this last drill, and from now on I will never see the place the same again. It’s early summer, and we are relaxing for the last night there with a couple beers and some cards. Well ok maybe I had a little too much, because before I new it the lights were turning off and people were on their phones in their bunks. I’m not really tired yet so I head outside to smoke a cigarette and give my girlfriend a call. It’s the usual “I miss you,” “I miss you too,” “what is the cat up to?” “Work sucked.” Standard tipsy calls.

I hang up and look at the clock, it’s 0100, and I have to be up at 0530. I can tell it’s going to be a rough morning so I go rack out as well. I toss and turn restlessly trying to get comfortable, but I eventually just plug in headphones and watch YouTube until I doze off. I do remember the dream as well, it was like I had these escape the room games where the problem just kept getting more and more random. The last thing I remember before being woken up was being attacked by a bunch of frogs with teeth…

Well still drunk me was now wide awake, trying to figure out why. At first I thought it was the stupid dream, or that it’s hot as hell inside. But eventually it hits me in the gut. Literally. Like I said I had drank too much and it was time to pee. There is no latrine in the bay, so I have to go outside and to the shower hall where there is a single trough to use. So I grab my sandals and head out.

I was about three steps out the door when my stumbling mind realized somethings up. It’s the middle of June, and there were mosquitoes biting me the entire time I talked to my girlfriend, but no more. The sky is empty, no stars, no moon…. no wind…….

I checked my phone. 0340. Still the dead of night. Then the pain shot back in my body so I started making my way toward the latrine. Though more alert now.

The shower hall kinda looks like one of those old churches, like you have the main hall then kind of an entryway that isn’t as wide. This creates a little 90 degree angle between the two. Well as I got to the door I saw something stand out in my peripherals. I immediately opened the door and got inside as fast and as quiet as I could. In the half second that I saw it I registered 4 limbs and a slender body, spanning maybe seven feet, and it looked like it was laying somewhat spread eagle on the grass. Thanks to this channel there are two things that pop into my head that match that description. Skin walker and Wendigo. I really don’t like either of those answers to what I saw, but I did know one thing. There’s only one way in and one way out. The front door.

So now I’m trapped with who knows what is out there ready to pounce on me the moment I walk out. Or maybe not. I remember listening to that one Wendigo story where a dude stumbled on a sleeping one in his grandfathers yard around this same time. Maybe I’ll get lucky and it’s sleeping as well. So I wait there, hiding behind the door to the men’s area, watching the front windows to see if anything appears. After a minute of waiting my bladder was having none of it. “Who cares if I die it” says. “I’m about to burst.” So I rush to the trough, not even caring to start the water to wash it away.

Now it’s time to think. But there really isn’t a choice, other than to try and sneak past hoping for the best. So drunk me also has a smart idea: let’s take off the flip flops so he can’t hear you. Brilliant idea, but upon execution EVERYTHING GOES WRONG. I’m still drunk, so when I reach down to take it off I stumble into the wall, and right into the button to turn on the lights and the fans. The noise cuts through the night silence like a bullet through paper. I frantically turn to push the button again to shut it off. But it’s done it’s job. It’s definitely awake now, and all I can do is out run it.

Then another idea pops into my head. I don’t know if it’s my training or drunk me being an idiot, but I hit the button again and blast through the doors to try and surprise it. As the fans whir up I take off the sandals so I can run faster, and charge out. I have barely enough time to check over my shoulder to see if I was freaking out over nothing but there was definitely something there, and now it was leaning against the brick wall.

I didn’t need any more time, I bolted. Running faster than I ever have before. I’ve never had adrenaline like this, this is nothing compared to what I’ve heard from the stories. The thought that I was going to die drove me to make the 200 some feet go by in what felt like seconds.

I whipped the bay door open yet still had the drunk composure to quietly shut it. The last thing I wanted was to wake up the others to have them go outside to look, or worse make me out to be an idiot.

Sitting back in my bunk, a thought about it all. The silence, the bugs, how I didn’t see it until the end even though I was on high alert, it all seems unreal. Just…. How?…..

I was still able to get some sleep that night, I had managed to convince myself that it must have been like that electrical equipment or plumbing setups that are attached to some buildings, or maybe I just scared the piss out of some dude doing some late night PT.

The next morning I didn’t get a chance to check until after breakfast, and at that point I walked back to the spot and froze. It was clear even from my bay door that there was nothing in that spot. No signs of power boxes or gray pipes. Just mowed grass and bricks.

Now I’m safe at home, but now I’m thinking about the ones who volunteered to stay behind and help out other companies. And how bad things can possibly get now. I have to go back next month…. Back to where I almost got killed and dragged off, all to take a piss…

Do you guys think I saw something I shouldn’t have? Or was it just my semi drunk imagination.

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