the monster of camp road

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I will not tell my real name but maybe but I am almost 12 when this happened I was 9. I was home alone and the time was about [2:00] when I woke up from a small deep sleep in my cabin. I forgot to say that I was with my friend lets call him luke at summer camp. On the second night, it was going great but when it 2:00 am we could hear something above us like deep breathing or thumps. The next night we had to go and get our teeth brushed. When I was coming back to the cabin the counselor said to go and turn the lights out of the bathroom. So this is when it happened I was there but then it got cold it was hard to breathe, then I saw it about 8 feet tall and towered over me it was gray and thin and the bones or whatever it was out of the body. Then about 30 min later after watching it face to face, it ran. Nothing happened that night but at the end of the week I went to the bathroom And the lights were broken and the door was gone…


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